A Hidden Treasure

It was Easter morning in 1967 and I, along with my brother searched the house for the Easter eggs we had helped our parents color the night before. I was as excited as any six year old could be and I had a favorite egg in mind. The night before, my brother and I had helped my parents dye brightly colored Easter eggs. One of the eggs which I had done all by myself was a lovely blue egg and that was the egg that I was really looking for. In my mind it was my egg and I was going to find it.

When I spotted it, I dashed toward it, hoping my big brother would not beat me to it. I did not need to worry. He was too occupied with finding his own eggs to notice me. Triumphantly I placed the egg in my little basket and skipped off to find more treasures.

Later, rather than eat my egg, I quietly headed upstairs with my basket. I ducked under my bed and emerged with my box of treasures. I carefully placed my blue Easter egg into the box for safe-keeping.

I do not know how long I was able to keep that egg. I only know that one day my mother had set me to work cleaning my bedroom. One of the tasks I was supposed to do was run the dust mop under the bed. Eager to go outside and do things that I considered to be much more interesting, I vigorously shoved the dust mop under the bed and unintentionally sent my treasure box flying up against the wall.

If you have never had the experience of breaking open a rotten egg, do not try it. Just take my word for it that you will not like it one bit. I did not and I am sure you won't either. Neither did my mother. Sigh. It really was a lovely-looking egg though.

When I wrote this blog, to lessons came to mind. First of all, looks can be deceiving. My egg appeared to be beautiful but inside the lovely shell it was encased in, it was rotten and when the shell was broken, the truth asserted itself rather pungently. Something may look good, sound good, feel good and even taste good but that doesn't mean it is good. You may simply be hold something that is cleverly disguished. It looks beautiful but it is not and if ingested, it will poison you.

My second take-away is that if you hide your treasure, no one gets to enjoy it, including yourself. I could have peeled the shell of my treasure and enjoyed its contents when I got it and perhaps even shared it with others but that's not what I did. Instead I hid it away to keep it safe and in the end all I got was a terrible stench. The unfortunate thing was that I wasn't the only one who got affected by the stench. My family didn't like it one bit. It took some effort to get the stench out of the house and get things smelling clean and fresh again.

What are you doing with the treasures God gives you?


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Beth M @blest ·

:clap: This brings to remembrance the time in second grade when I brought in some pheasant eggs for Show and Tell. You guessed it! I dropped them, they were rotten, and the classroom stank something fierce, for quite some time. My teacher, as your mom, was none too pleased!

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Easter egg hunting is something that is only starting to catch on in my part of the world. Instead we coloured them and hurled them off a hill on easter monday in our annual easter egg roll.

Excellent lesson here though.

Barbra Lambert @enje25 ·

What a grand story! I enjoyed reading it so much.

--And how typical of a child in his/her innocence to do exactly as you did.

Superb analogy, K :princess: !

Sarah Vm @godissogood ·

Enjoyed reading this K - thank you!
Yeuch. That awful smell. Once, when my father - an environmental health officer - broke an egg and found it was a bad 'un. Instead of running out the nearest exit to throw it away, he called me over and made me have a good old sniff so that I'd know a rotten egg if I ever met one again. While it was still sitting there stinking he was still excitedly explaining why they smelt so bad and how they could make you sick, while I was turning greener
This story reminds me of my grandfather and his chocolate pig a little bit. Hoarded treasure turns into a gross, stinking mess. And spiritually speaking ... this and the 'rotten-on-the-inside' analogy are both so important. Soon enough we learn, with God's help, the disadvantages of hanging on to stuff, but it's a life-long process to keep this in mind at all times, in all contexts.
Thanks again for the good read, and God bless,

Les Braswell @doneuntotheleast ·

Wonderful spiritual truths from a Princess and Egg (not frog)! Thank you K.

In Him,

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