A Lesson In Christian Life From Penguins?????

What can I say, I learn from the strangest things! You'll have to excuse me as I spend a large chunk of my time as the lone adult in an over-crowded room filled with seven and eight year olds. What do you expect? I live in a very strange world.

Today we were preparing to make penguins. :eek: Paper penguins not real ones! We're currently studying penguins and we incorporate that theme into our reading block. We cut out penguin shapes out of black paper. The kids used white hole reinforcers for the eyes and cut beaks and feet out of construction paper. Then they cut out white ovals for their tummies. The kids were supposed to write five facts about penguins on the tummies. Quit snickering! They're cute penguins! I'll have to take a picture of a few of them next week and post it.

In preparation for this, we made a list on some chart paper entitled "Facts About Penguins". As a class we came up with ten facts and then children could either use facts from the list or other facts from the penguin books they'd read over the past week.

Everyone had something to say of course, even if what they had to say had absolutely nothing to do with penguins. :confused: One very eager student blurted out a fact that prompted this blog in the first place. We had watched a movie about penguins in Antarctica earlier this week. Recalling that movie, this student said:
Penguins have to stick together to stay warm. They'll die if they stick together. I paused for a moment as I recalled the scene. The penguins were all crowded together in a circle with their faces toward the center much like Minnesota school children on a blustery cold winter day. I've done that myself. After awhile, the penguins in the center of the circle, move to the outside of the circle thus allowing all of the penguins to have a chance to stand in the center, protected from the elements by everyone else.

Oh, if only we as Christians would consistently do that with one another! We may be quick to run to a brother or sister's side for a brief moment but are we willing to stand beside them for the long haul? Yes, God does have us cross paths with individuals just for a particular moment in time... sometimes. However, far too often we act like it's always God's plan for us to swoop in and out of each others lives.

God is all about relationships. He really is. Do you realize what Jesus really prayed about in the Garden of Gethsemene? Yes, He did pray for God's will to be done even though it was the bitterest of cups. However, we tend to forget He prayed for us. He prayed that we might be one as He and the Father are one. Wow! Jesus wants us to be in relationship with one another in the same way the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit are in relationship with one another.

You know, the more I think about this, the more I'm realizing that we're not even beginning to scratch the surface on this one. Impossible? Absolutely! Except... except with God all things are possible therefore...

Father-God, may all of your princes and princesses become one with one another and understand that we really do need one another! That's the way you designed things to be. :heart:

K :princess:

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Aren't children's thought sometimes just what we need to hear? They are beautiful in that way. And what a great lesson to see.

I have often fought this very thing. I was taught as a teenageer that this was the kind of relationship I was to have with other Christians and so I always enter a relationship with another Christian for the long haul ... only to be disappointed that they aren't in it for the same thing. Sigh. But I can't change how I am so I just keep pluggin away hoping that someday I'll find that fellowship ... and praising God every time I do!!!


K Reynolds (@kreynolds)


I struggled with that for many years as well to the point that I grew sick of it. I came to the point that I realized the enemy was trying to keep me "separated from the herd" so to speak. I probably spent several years praying about it as well as agonizing over it. I prayed and prayed for connection with brothers and sisters as well as with God. This was not to say God wasn't enough but I wanted everything He had for me... and I believed true unity and connection with His children was a part of it. I refused to give up and found myself constantly "banging" on heaven's door with my request. Surely there was a place for me in God's world and surely He would bring me to others I could connect with even as He was molding and changing me so I could actually do it.

God did it... and I can see now it was preparation for the dark road which lay in my near future. Ironically enough, even though I would hardly call myself "separated from the herd" anymore, I continue to pray for what I call connection. It has also spurred me to be on the look out for others who may be "separated from the herd" and try to draw them in as well.

Praise God for the connections He has brought to you! May God fill your life with people who are not only friends but brothers and sisters who rush to your side to walk with you and hold up your arms as you do the same for them. May those people number the stars!

K :princess: