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I really believe it is important to look for fingerprints of God throughout the day. When I say fingerprints, I'm referring to those little things that remind you that you are never alone or forgotten. These are so easy to miss sometimes! However, if you ask God to help you see them, He always will. Once you see them, it is important to remember them. During the difficult times in my life, when I feel like I'm on my own, I like to reflect back on these little gems. I was thinking about one of them today and thought I'd share it.

Early last spring, I went to the grocery store. I was determined to stay within my budget as we had recently had a lot of unexpected expenses. It had been pretty gloomy and rainy all week. So, naturally fresh cut flowers caught my eye. There were beautiful spring bouquets.

I love fresh flowers. I really wanted them. I knew just where I would put them. They would be such a bright spot after such a dismal week. Spring comes late in Minnesota and I really wanted a touch of spring. I sighed. I needed to be practical and sometimes I just hate to be practical!

This next part is pure supposition on my part but on the other hand, who really knows?

And Father God looked down upon his daughter who really wanted some pretty flowers, but was trying so hard to be practical. He knew she was tired of the cold, dark winter days and the bare trees. She was tired of snow, ice and often brutal wind. He had given her one beautiful spring-like day the week before, but human-like, she wasn't quite satisfied. She was trying to be satisfied and patient. She wasn't doing the greatest job, but she was trying. He knew she was anxious to dig in the soil and smell the grass. He knew it would still be sometime before she could do that. It's not good to give a child everything they want but perhaps....

Back to reality...I arrived home with my groceries, put them away and went upstairs to do some things. While I was up there, my husband returned home. He's an audio/visual technician at a college and he had been working at a special event that Saturday. He came upstairs and talked to me for a moment or two before I headed back downstairs. I walked into the dining room and screamed. There on the table was a very large, beautiful, expensive-looking bouquet in a gorgeous vase. Often, the events my husband works at have beautiful floral arrangements. Sometimes, afterwards, the organizers ask the technical support staff if they would like to have some flowers.

I went through my usual routine. I hollered upstairs at my husband. "Whose flowers are these?" He hollered back at me, "What flowers?" "The flowers sitting on my table!" "Someone put flowers on your table? Why would anyone do that?"

I immediately remembered how I had stood in front of the cut flowers at the grocery store earlier that day. These were bigger and more beautiful than any of those bouquets. I started to laugh as I shared what had transpired with my husband. He chuckled. "Aren't you glad you were practical." I didn't answer. I put my arms around the vase and buried my face in the scent of the beautiful blooms. "Thank you God," I whispered. "Thank you for the beautiful flowers." I had just received a gentle, beautiful reminder of God's love.

P.S. Please don't think I'm not recognizing that my husband brought the flowers home. However, I am married to a man who is also a child of God. My husband was also struck by the timing and was happy to have had a part in this story as well.

Lisa Stoughton @everfaithful ·

Thank you for this blog. I also believe it is important to look for God's fingerprints in our lives. Thanks for reminding me to remeber them!

Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

K --
What a blessing your post is! I am also a sister in Christ who searches daily for what I term "the grace of God" or the love notes from Him. They are present every day, aren't they, we just have to purpose to find them and see them.


Madeleine Lewis @maddie ·

One day being weak I prayed for a sign for God that he was listening to me. I said I don't know what maybe that somebody would give me a ride to work.

I stood at the bus stop and a woman I had never seen pulled over. He offered me a ride to the mall. I declined. She kept on saying are you sure? Cause if you want a ride to the mall I'll give you one.

As she drove away I realized the mall was right across the street from where I worked.

Of course God's love was in your husband bringing you flowers that day.

That was a wonderfully testimony. Thanks for sharing that.


Thanks for another reminder of the joy in being His child. Right now it's another gray day, and not even winter yet. And I'm picturing you burying your face in a big scrumptuous bouquet of brightly colored flowers. Yum. (Now I might have to go buy myself some ;)

Alan Nethery @shadowalker ·

You call them fingerprints, and I say He gave us New Eyes to see His work within us and around us. We say it in different ways, but we are both saying in our own special ways that we serve a very personal God who is concerned about your welfare - and mine.

God Bless!

Shadow aka S :coffee:

Elizabeth Fox @whobelieve ·

What an uplifting blog! I remember when you came into chat and were so excited about the flowers. You talked about them for a good week afterwards. I didn't know about the bit in the grocery store though.

It's sort of how I was writing in my most recent blog... About how God will remind you that he loves you. God is love, and whether he shows it or not, that doesn't change. But that doesn't mean that he won't show it, like with you and those flowers, or me and my son.

As the year has become gray and cold, and very soon covered in white, it was nice to hear about your spot of spring. :D

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I guess I'd better clarify stuff as I realized I am causing some confusion. I posted this as a feature because I had written 500 blogs this yesterday. I was doing a bit of research for that blog, found my very first blog and thought it would be fun to pull it up and post it as it was written over two years ago. I'm a history buff so I like looking back at stuff. I'm glad it is a blessing two years later, though! Praise God!


K :princess:

Sara Reckling @oneofhisown ·

I love those moments, when God plants a finger print on our everyday lives just to let us know He hears our hearts desires. This summer I took my son to the zoo a lot. We would pack up the cooler with yummy snacks and drinks and head out. I would have to unload our huge stroller (it was free. . . so who can ask for convenience right?) and then navigate it through large crowds and tight spaces. I looked around at others with their nice little umbrella strollers, and wished I had the $20 for a cheap one. Knowing I didn't, I just let it be and moved on. I even told myself not to pray for it, because God had already provided us with so much when it came to baby gear, I shouldn't be greedy about it. That weekend I found one in a box marked free. It was dingy and old, but in perfect condition, all I had to do was wash it up a bit and stick my kid in it!!! It's wonderful when He does such little things for us that make us more aware that He's willing to give us more than just the basics. . . when it's in our best interest that is!


Beth M @blest ·

[quote] "Whose flowers are these?" He hollered back at me, "What flowers?" "The flowers sitting on my table!" "Someone put flowers on your table? Why would anyone do that?"[/quote]
I can just picture you and your husband having this conversation!

What a wonderful testimony of just how personal our God is. Yes, I love those footprints!

Blessings, dear friend... and here's to another million hits!

:heart: blest

Les Braswell @doneuntotheleast ·


I love your re-run blogs more than anything I ever saw as a TV rerun. Wonderful!

In Him,

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

And what a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then yet the truth of the blog is still the same ... God is faithful. I was smiling as soon as I read this blog again. Love it!


Beth M @blest ·

Always love this first blog of yours

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