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Tonight, as I was innocently wandering through the aisle of the grocery store, I heard a voice calling to me over in the frozen food section. Hmmm... It seemed to be coming from the ice cream section. Ice cream? In Minnesota on a day like today? :eek:

Then, I saw it. I couldn't believe my eyes. I rubbed them a couple of times and pinched myself to make sure I was awake. It was a special edition ice cream called.... Hot Cocoa Ice Cream! :dance:

This was unbelievable! Two items near and dear to the :princess: heart. Ice cream and hot chocolate! :dance: I told myself this was too good to be true and started to turn away. Then the thought raced through my mind. What if it was true? Then I would have missed out on a match made in heaven.... :eek: I couldn't take that risk now, could I? So... I did the only thing I could do. I would have to investigate the matter for myself and see if this Hot Cocoa Ice Cream was all that it claimed to be. Someone had to do it and not just anyone. This had to be tested by an expert... namely... a K :princess: I know, I know. The things I have to do... I did the only thing I could do. I bought it.

Tonight, I carefully tested it and reported my results to Shani down in Australia even as I was sampling it. Hmm... the texture was smooth, creamy and very cocoa tasting. So far so good. Mmm... you know how marshmallows get when they've been sitting in hot cocoa? Well these seemed to be just like that. This is good. Very good.
It might not exactly be the cure for cabin fever but it sure temporarily relieves the symptoms! Maybe winter won't be so bleak and long after all!


K :princess:

Shani Matthews @shanijane ·

LOL!!!! K!
Im glad u are enjoying ur ice cream! who ever thought of this flavour.. needs a prize of some shape!
He/She is a very clever person!
This sounds Lush and suddenly the tub of mango, cream and macadamia Sorbet looks less appealing! lol

Eileen Algaze @ladyvogue ·

LOL... wow... Yea its about that time of the month... where us girlies get these weird cravings... I will be sure to go by the grocery store... just like Ron said, You done flung a craving on me. Espeically how you described the marshmellows... MmmHHHmmmmmm!! LOL