A Mind To Work

So built we the wall; and all the wall was joined together unto the half thereof: for the people had a mind to work.

Nehemiah 4:6

Earlier today, as I read a blog by Kirk M (@blessings2you) entitled Are We Passive, Pathetic or Passionate Christians?, I found myself thinking about how easy it is to simply throw money at something rather than roll up your sleeves and get involved. Of course it is physically impossible for us to go everywhere and do everything. There is nothing wrong with supporting the work of others financially in addition to our prayers and indeed, I believe we should whenever possible. To discourage us from doing so is not the intent of this blog. However, helping someone so they can work in their field does not exempt us from working in our own little field as well.

We know that we are "God's Laborers" but more often than not, we are content with merely being spectators throwing money down at those on the field. There is that little nagging thought in the back of our heads that perhaps we should have been down on the field as well but give it time. If you ignore it or better yet make excuses (if you can't think of one, the enemy will be happy to supply you with one), that annoying little feeling of guilt will gradually disappear in time. Rather than quote excuses, perhaps we need to ask God, "What can I do to help?"

God always has something for us to do. Always. He loves for His children to be busy. You can also be certain that the moment we start asking God what to we can do, the enemy scurries over with his handy-dandy list of excuses and tries to thrust it under our nose, fearful that we might actually uh... do something.

It is amazing how God will help you fulfill the things He places on your heart if you rip up that list that was so rudely thrust into your hands and ask God to help you. A few years ago, my husband and I desired to help people in financial crisis. No, we do not have excess money to help them. In fact, we were in financial crisis ourselves. eek.gif

However, we sought God about this and God provided us with the resources, at no cost to us, to open up our home and host classes which teach people how to manage their finances and become better stewards. We have seen discouraged and frightened people walk through our front door and emerge nine weeks later joyfully exclaiming that they are no longer afraid. They no longer feel powerless and overwhelmed. They might still be facing challenges. In fact, they probably are and some of them have a long, hard road ahead of them but now they are filled with hope. They have been given tools and support and they realize that God will help them for they have already experienced it.

God has not called us to be observers or spectators. He has called us to be participants and do like Jesus did when He walked upon this earth. He was out amongst the people, not only sharing the Gospel but also ministering to their needs. We must do the same.


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