A Mustard Seed Of Faith

It always saddens and disturbs me when Christians say they do not have enough faith. Exactly "how much" faith is enough? I believe that the simple act of coming to Christ means that we have that "mustard seed" of faith. Why did we fall on our face before God in repentance? Was it because we really did not believe that He would forgive us? If we did not believe that God could hear and answer our prayers, why on earth would we ever fall on our knees in the first place? That would make NO sense whatsoever.

We do all of these things because deep in our heart of heart... we believe. We have faith. The problem is, the enemy know this and he knows what faith can do, especially if we start putting that faith into action. We have at our disposal an exceedingly dangerous weapon which is not only a weapon; it is a shield which protects us against the onslaught of the enemy. (Ephesians 6:16)

A shield does us little good if we do not use it so in order to get at us, the enemy has to attempt to get us to not use our shield. He is powerless to simply snatch it from our hand. The enemy cannot rob you of your faith but he can attempt to do one or all of these things:[] Convince us that we do not have faith.[] Convince us that the faith we have is insufficient., Attempt to contaminate our faith with pride. These are the things which hinder our faith.

So what is our best course of defense? You stop doing what humanity has always done since the chatting with "the snake" in the Garden of Eden. You stop holding conversations with the enemy and listening to what he says rather than what God says. You stop telling others what the enemy has said as well. The enemy loves it when you share with others what he has told you. It saves him the trouble of having to go and do it himself!

What you do instead is start holding conversations with God and adamantly declare what He has said in His Word. You remind yourself that you are a Child of God and that He does not lie. (Numbers 23:19)

God has provided all of His children with the full Armor of God which includes faith. Paul instructs us that we must "put on" what God has given us and we must use it. (Ephesians 6:13-19) Are we?


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Love it!

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A great blog which clarifies mine so well.


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