A Simple Gift of Love

On Monday morning, when I opened my email, I received two beautiful surprises. To anyone else they would have meant very little but to me, they were far more precious than the richest jewels or the purest gold. You see, they were gifts from the heart of two dear and very precious friends.

The first email I opened was an e-card wishing that my day would be blessed. It was simply a card but oh how it brought a smile to my face! Someone had taken the time to let me know they were thinking about me and they loved me.

The next email was a letter from another dear and precious friend. They were just letting me know how thankful they were that God had allowed our paths to cross and that we were friends. They let me know that I had blessed them!

These seemingly simple gifts of love and friendship were so very precious to me. They blessed me throughout yesterday and today, during a very tough day, God brought them to mind once again. They served to remind me that regardless of what happens in my world... I am loved!

Far too often, we neglect expressing these simple gifts of love. We often feel they are too insignificant or not worth the trouble. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is in through these simple gifts of love and friendship that we are reminded of God for is not God love?

So I would like to encourage us to stop for a moment and take the time to let someone know just how very much you love and appreciate them. Your gift is far more precious than you may think!


K :princess:


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