A Thank You To All Of The Fathers At Christianblog.com

My father passed away when I was only 16 so for many years Father's Day was a somewhat painful day for me. So, since I can't thank him personally, I thought I'd tell all of the wonderful fathers here at Christianblog.com thank you for doing what you do. By the way, although some of you may not have actually raised children within your own home, you may have been like a father to other people's children as well. Perhaps you reached out to a young person who's own father could not or would not be the father God intended them to be. Perhaps you are a spiritual father to someone. To me this means you are a father as well.

Despite the fact that we have a day designated to honor fathers, the treatment of fathers by our society is often deplorable! While it is true that many men have sadly neglected their duty, there are other men who have tried to follow God's example of what fatherhood means. God himself has the title of Father. That means this is a holy and honorable title and one that should never be taken lightly or treated with disrespect. An earthly father should serve as an example of the relationship our heavenly Father wants to have with us. This is not an easy task and fathers need our prayers!

I want to thank all of the fathers who have not run out on their children. I want to thank the fathers who love their children despite their children's faults and failures. I want to thank the fathers who know how to discipline their children but also know how to hug and wipe away tears. I want to thank all of the fathers who take the time to teach their children. Thank you for the times you've laughed and yes...even cried with them. Thank you for stopping and listening to their problems. Thanks for making your children feel safe and secure even when times are rough. Thank you for praying for your children and teaching them about what matters most.

You have given your children a great gift. They will understand that our Heavenly Father will never run out on them because you never ran out on them. Through your example, they will be able to accept God's unconditional love because they experienced it from their earthly father. They will learn that God has great compassion on his children and loves us in spite of our faults and failures. They will know that although God disciplines us, he does so because he loves us. They will understand that God also laughs and cries with them. They will believe that God is interested in every detail of their life and he listens to them. They will be confident that they can be safe and secure in God's arms even when times are rough.

Thank you for your faithfulness to God and your families! Have a wonderful Father's Day!

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John B. Abela @abelajohnb ·

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