A Time Of Connection--Woman To Woman

I went to Women of Faith this weekend and it was awesome! I try to go every year and if you are ever able to attend a WOF conference, I strongly encourage you to do so. This is one of the things I do to get filled up for the upcoming year. There is just something wonderful about being in an arena with 10,000 or so other women. It's times like these when I stand in awe of women and I feel so honored to be one.

I ran into a group of women of various ages. They were all wearing t-shirts with breast cancer ribbons. I told them I was a breast cancer survivor and asked them about their shirts. I found out they were from a small community and they knew a number of women who had breast cancer. They got together and sponsored a benefit for all of these women. They were wearing the t-shirts to WOF out of love and support for their friends. Of course, when they learned I was a breast cancer survivor they had to come and surround me with their love and support as well. That's such a woman thing! I walked away feeling incredibly strong and powerful. As women we can either tear each other down or build each other up. These women chose to be builders.

When I'm at WOF I laugh, I cry and I pray. I learned that 1,000 women came to Christ on Friday. Praise God! I hear of lives that have been changed and people who have been healed. I hear about women who are walking in dark places and yet are still able to say God turns their darkness into light. It is easy to rejoice in the Lord when you have been healed. It is another thing to rejoice in the Lord when your body continues to be ravaged by disease. These stories of faith encouraged and challenged me to keep my eyes on God rather than my circumstances.

The enemy seeks to divide and disconnect us from one another. The enemy desires to keep us in isolation and vulnerable. Sometimes we foolishly even help the enemy build the walls which divide us from those whom we need to be connected to. It's easier to close the door and pretend that we don't care. The problem is that deep down inside we really do care. Whatever we may say, we really do want to be connected. We can't help it. God wired us that way.

Take a risk. Step out of your comfort zone. Get connected with old friends and new friends today!

K :princess:

P.S. I've already got my Women of Faith tickets for next October. That's an act of faith on my part. I am trusting that there will be no recurrence of cancer this year and if that's not part of God's plan, I am trusting that God will enable me to still be able to go to.

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