A Welcome Fit For A King

A little bit ago, I was watching the sunrise. As I watched the sun shimmering on the pond, I thought about what a beautiful spring day it was going to be.

I have been traveling over my spring break and arrived at the home of some dear friends late yesterday afternoon. The weather is going to be perfect during my visit and I am looking forward to spending a few days with my friends. Whenever I have been in their home, I always feel like an honored guest.

They live at some distance from me so plans must be set in advance. First we agree upon the date of my visit. Due to the distance, my visit needs to take place while I am on break from school. We started talking about this visit back in November, actually. Although my visit was going to be more than four months in the future, we began to talk about it, even then.

As the day drew closer, we talked about it more and more. Preparations were made. I took care of things which needed to be done while I was away, got my car serviced, packed my bags, made arrangements to stay with a relative overnight while I was on the road, etc. My friends in the meantime, made preparations for my coming.

When I finally arrived, they had the guestroom all prepared for me. They stocked up on Diet Coke for they know I love it. They stocked a basket with chocolates and other goodies and put it in the guestroom. I even found... fudge brownies... :dance:

There were little sticky notes around the room. Notes like, "Yeah! You're here!", "We're soooo blessed you're here!" and "Let us know if you need anything". When I arrived at the home of my friends, they were out the door before I could even turn off my car. They were watching for me and came out to greet me. I opened my car door and stepped into their arms. There was no doubt that they were very happy to see me and I of course am very happy to see them.

There is no doubt in my mind in regards to the love my friends have for me. They don't just simply tell me that they do, they have proven it to me time and time again through their actions as well as their words. They always give me a welcome fit for a king... or in my case... a :princess:!

I cannot help but wonder though... do we do the same for God? Do we eagerly await the time we spend with Him? Are we willing to do whatever we can to please Him? Is He truly welcome in our lives or are we just being "polite" and secretly hoping He will go elsewhere soon so we can get on with what we really want to do? Do we give Him a welcome fit for a King?

I am simply a guest in my friends' home. After a few days, I will return to my own home, however, God wants to be more than merely a guest. He wants to be a permanent and welcome resident of our hearts. Is He?


Beth M @blest ·

Diet Coke???? ❓ WHAT were they thinking? :doh: Everybody knows a K:princess: drinks Coke Zero! ;) :heart: