A Winter Wonderland

I awakened this morning to a world that was transformed from an ugly brown into the winter wonderland you see in the picture. By the way, the object to the right in the picture is not a bush. It is the limb from a tree which usually is high in the sky above my house. That just shows you how heavy and wet this snow is. We are expecting six inches of snow of more by this evening. As you can see, winter has officially come in Minnesota.

While the temperatures are going to get above freezing a few times over the next few days, depending on how much snow we get and how many hours those temperatures linger above freezing during the day, there is a strong possibility that I will not see the grass in my yard again until late March or even April.

Winter is long, dark and brutally cold in this part of the country. We take winter very, very seriously around here. Every winter we hear of people dying from exposure to the elements. We hear of deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning and of drownings due to people not heeding the warning signs of "thin ice".

I can lament the loss of green grass, bright flowers and warm breezes or I can look for the beauty brought about by winter. I can fear winter or I can learn how to survive it. To tell you the truth, as a native Minnesotan I had no choice but to learn how to survive it.

As a child, I quickly learned how to walk with my head down, body hunched and fingers and toes curled to preserve warmth to the vital errors of my body. I learned the best way to walk on ice (walk like a penguin :mrgreen: ), and how to rock a car which is stuck in a snowdrift. I learned that you must fight off and never yield to the sleepiness which tries to overpower you on an intensely cold day for if you succumb to it, you
may never rise again.

Winter here is often very brutal but we do not stop living. Instead, we find the beauty which can only occur in winter. Jack Frost can only cut his fantastic and beautiful designs in the winter. The beauty of freshly fallen snow, especially if the wind has blown it in to drifts gives you a feeling of awe. There is a quiet peacefulness about a winter day... especially if you are sitting by the fire drinking a mug of hot chocolate... with marshmallows or whip cream or... both :mrgreen:.

At first glance, a particular season of our life might be nothing but harsh and cruel. However, we belong to the Lord of the Seasons and even in the midst of the bitter cold and cruel winds, He can transform it into something more wonderful than we could ever imagine.


K :princess:

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

What a wonderful photograph to be greeted with this morning!

In the midst of our winter we can often forget that a. the Spring WILL come and b. that what ever the season, God is always with us.


Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

This is awesomely beautiful! But -I truly hope it doesn't come our way just yet.
Us old peoples find it beautiful but hard to cope with.


Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

I heard about your snow today! Here in north Georgia, we had temps of 70 degrees, bright sunshine, yellow and orange and red leaves on threes pressed against a bright blue sky . . . a 10!

But one thing about snow, it melts and waters everything it formerly covered. Water, necessary for life.



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