A Wonderful Life

One year ago today, my husband unexpectedly lost his job after more than 27 years of employment. At the same time, I was awaiting a decision in regards to my disability claim. I remember the disbelief and numbness I felt. I remember how we actually felt physically sick due to shock and of course, fear of what was going to happen.

According to our calculations we had enough money to get through until the first of March at the most. It was uncertain as to whether he would receive unemployment, COBRA was going to cost us more than $1,000.00 a month and as someone with multiple health issues, I need health insurance. In fact, my husband thought more about the potential loss of health insurance for me than he did about his job! A job loss is never a good thing but finding work becomes even more of a challenge when you are in your 50's and 60's. Apparently a good many people think that when someone is in their early 50's, they are far too old to work. eek.gif

Exactly one year later, my husband still does not have permanent work. He has been able to do some freelance work on a part time basis which has extended his unemployment and there have even been a few weeks where he was ineligible to collect unemployment due to working too much but he is still considered to be "underemployed".

As I am writing this blog and watching large fluffy snowflakes softly fall to the ground, I am sitting in a warm house with food in cupboards, refrigerator and freezer. There are no disconnection notices, no phone calls from people demanding money, or any unpaid bills. In fact, last night my husband and I even went out to dinner using two gift cards we had received from a new restaurant. There is a balance of about $4.00 remaining on one of the gift cards. mrgreen.gif

I got a great deal this morning on some rush tickets to see "It's A Wonderful Life: The Musical" today at 4:00 p.m. and while my husband can't go, I am looking forward to enjoying the show with my mom and brother. I am reminded that when we are a part of "God's Flock" we truly do have a wonderful life.

Oh, that life may certainly be peppered with some "excitement" we'd prefer not to have. No one ever said life was easy and we do, after all, live in a fallen world that is filled with suffering and sorrow. We must never forget, however, that we do not walk that road alone. The Good Shepherd is with us, leading us, directing us, caring for us and even carrying us when necessary. We could not be more blessed! We truly do have... a wonderful life.


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