Advertising Yourself As A Sin Survivor

I went to the Saturday service at church last night because I am going to participate in Race For The Cure today. Actually, since I had chemo on Friday I will be "hobbling" for the cure on the 1k track inside the Mall of America. As a side note and in order to avoid comments that have nothing to do with the purpose of this blog, I am going to say this up front. Yes, there was controversy over this event in the past as one year Planned Parenthood received a grant from the Komen Foundation which sponsors the event. Planned Parenthood said it was for breast cancer education but...that's not what they're exactly known for. The long and short of it is Planned Parenthood is NOT a recipient of a grant this year. Also, I'm running with the Minnesota Affiliate which has never given money to Planned Parenthood. They have, however, provided grants to the hospital where I had my surgery and attend my support group. I will also have my radiation treatments done there. Now to the real blog...

On Friday I went to the MOA to pick up my materials. I was directed to a large tables down by Sears which were piled high with white T-shirts. A woman took one look at the card I handed her and said " You're a survivor so you have to go down to Nordstrom's". When we got to Nordstrom's, things were a bit different. There weren't as many people and there weren't as many shirts. They were also a different color. These shirts were pink. While they did say Race For the Cure there was something else written on it. The word survivor is stamped on the front for all of the world to see. I got a special hat. The other tables didn't have hats but you see, head coverings are important to survivors. This hat was made to be worn by people without hair as well as with hair. It's a baseball cap but it has elastic at the back so it can fit snuggly around my head. When you don't have much hair, hats tend to be too big and they slip down on your forehead. The hat also says survivor. In addition, I got a nice big bag filled with a special water bottle and all sorts of other goodies to bring a little comfort to me.

Today, when I go out into the world, everyone will plainly see that I am a cancer survivor. I won't be able to hide that as I will be clearly advertising that fact. A while back, I wrote a blog comparing cancer survivors to sin survivors (follower of Christ). Are we advertising ourselves as sin survivors? Can the world around us clearly see who we really are? Do they see our robes of righteousness? Do they see the power of God covering us or do we try to cover ourselves up and try to hide who we are?

The back of my T-shirt says "This pink shirt is changing the world one step at a time." As a sin survivor I must do the same. I know the cure for sin. I know the one who can keep us free from sin. I know how to survive the curse which was placed upon all of us. I am responsible to share that information with others in my world and let them see Christ living in me so that they too can become sin survivors. As a sin survivor I too need to be changing the world one step at a time!

K :princess:

Andrea Lynn @allforhim ·

Good blog K! I praise God for your strength and courage as a "Survivor." Maybe we should all walk around with a t-shirt with CHRISTIAN on it, a good reminder to let the Holy Spirit have it's way and for our selfish ambitions to not ! No, really I would like my life to be a reflection of Christ, t-shirt or no t-shirt, that one who sees me can see Christ and nothing more. Thanks for making me think and I hope your race went well yesterday, keep us posted sister! Blessings! Andrea

Joseph Mueller @muellerjcfreak ·

Awsome Blog! My mom is a survivor of breast cancer, and my entire family a survivor of sin! Thats really an awsome logo! Thanks for you blog it was good. Godbless Peaceoutt;

Marsha Tyler Ronquist @kraftykatz ·

Great blog. You are an inspiration to all.

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