Afraid And Yet...

When we first meet this man, he seems like an unlikely choice to lead an army against a powerful enemy. He is secretly threshing wheat in the bottom of a wine press in order to hide it from the Midianites. He seems like an unlikely hero and yet

The angel of the Lord appeared to him and said, "Mighty hero, the Lord is with you!" Judges 6:12 (NLT).
What? A hero? Gideon doesn't look much like a hero does he? Yet, the angel of the Lord addresses him as such.

What would your response be if this suddenly happened to you? Would you boldly step out in faith or would you do like Gideon did and ask for a sign? Gideon wanted to believe and yet he had his doubts. He has often been criticized for that but do you know what? He did not let his doubts stop him. Instead of walking away he admitted his doubts to God. Do you know God loves honesty? He really does for when we admit our weaknesses to God we are opening ourselves up to Him so that something can be done about. Often times as Christians we've been made to believe that it is "sinful" to feel doubt and fear. No, it is not. We are human and as such we will experience fear and doubt. It is when we admit them that God can do something about them. However, it is sinful to lie to God.

Gideon goes to prepare a sacrifice. It is interesting that Gideon is not told to go prepare a sacrifice. He volunteers to do it. I think this is an indicator of the heart of Gideon. He had his doubts and he was afraid but he was willing to pursue this matter regardless.

Gideon goes home and kills a young goat. He bakes unleaven bread and brings the goat meat, the broth and bread back with him. Now this might not seem like much but remember, the Israelites were starving at the time. The Midianites would sweep through the land destroying crops and stealing livestock. Food was scarce and precious but Gideon still offered up this sacrifice to the Lord.

We know of how Gideon eventually gathered an army. We know that God told him twice that he had too many men and that the army was reduced to 300 men. We know that the man who had expressed doubts and fear acted in obedience to God and stepped out in faith anyway... and God delivered the Midianites into his hands.

As we "do life with God", there are going to be times when doubts and fears will rise up to meet us. We're afraid to confront the enemy, we're afraid to step out of the boat. Remember Gideon... the man who was afraid and yet... did it anyway.


K :princess: