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There is one thing we need to remember about storms... they do not last forever, even though it might seem so at the time. A comment Bethy left for me yesterday reminded me of those horrible storms which hit my community back in 1965. The killer tornadoes. I know I have referred to them more than once in blogs but that tells you the impression they made on me. My mother tells me that is the night God forever took away fear of storms for she had always been terrified of them.

The little house we lived in had been built about 1900 and did not have a real basement. It had more like a root cellar. It was a tiny space under the kitchen floor with dirt walls. Just a dugout which had pretty much collapsed over the years. You entered it by lifting a trap door in the kitchen floor. You raised the door and descended down some wooden steps. That was what our basement.

I wasn't quite four and a half but I remember it was a very hot day for Minnesota in early May. My mom got my summer clothes out of the trunk in the attic and we'd been running through a sprinkler earlier in the day.

My brother and I were playing outside with the neighbors, a house away from ours. My dad had come home and my mom had gone to the grocery store. Suddenly, my dad came out of our house as the other parents came out of theirs... to get their kids. I remember wondering at the strange look of relief on his face when he saw my older brother and I were close by.

He told there was a bad storm coming and we were to get inside at once! I remember asking about my mom. Dad was silent for a moment and then said she'd be fine. I must have felt his anxiety however for I remember I was so relieved when she pulled up a few minutes later and raced into the house... just as the sirens were started to go off. I later learned that this was the first time in my area that civil defense sirens had been used to alert people about dangerous weather.

I didn't know what they were but... they sent chills down me. If I close my eyes eveb biw, I can see the silhouette of the black horse weather vane on television and hear the crackle of the television and the howls of the sirens.

I did not know until years later that there were six tornadoes that day. There was no rating system back then but I learned on the 40th anniversary of those storms back in 2005 that they estimate most of them were F4's and the others were F3's.

I remember my parents talking about having no basement and my dad checking to see if we could go down there. It wasn't safe. Later, my dad would make it so it would be safe but for now... they decided we would go under the dining room table if need be. We didn't have to.

As time went on and we heard of devastation, I wanted my mother but she was gone. I heard her voice coming from upstairs and slipped up the stairs into her bedroom where I found her on her knees crying out to the Lord to protect us. She told me later, all fear of storms was removed that day. This had a lasting impact on me for I had just heard that a tornado was sighted overhead about two miles from our house but there was no touch down! A tree came crashing down a few houses away from us and hit a house. In the other direction, a tree was split in two by lightening. It was then I learned that in our distress and fear, we can cry out to the Lord and He hears us. All around our little house there was danger, but God protected us even in the midst of the storms which hit us again and again that evening.

I remember the next day. It was such a beautiful day as we did clean-up. I remember wondering at that. I remembered the horror of the night but then in the morning the sun was shining, the sky was bright, birds were singing and all was well in my world again. That was the day that I learned storms do not last forever and they will always pass.

As a child of God, we must always remember that the storms of this life will not last forever. There is coming a time when we shall never have to endure them again and we will rejoice in the presence of the SON forever!


K :princess:

Christopher Quek @arisensleeper ·

Yes K:princess: the storms in our lives are but passing moments. My mentor told me that we have to live in the light of eternity. It took me a while to fully understand what he meant. Great blog sister!!


Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

After the storms come the blessings! Hallelujah!



Dear K:princess:--I remember the night when I stopped being afraid of storms. We lived in Grandview, Missouri, and we had been under a tornado watch for most of the day and into the evening. Then the watch became a warning, and we all went into the basement with a battery powered radio.

The announcer was tracking the storm and said that a tornado had been spotted on the ground a few miles southwest of where we were. It was coming our way. A couple of minutes later, we heard a loud roaring sound above us, but nothing happened to us. A few minutes later, the announcer said the tornado was on the ground a few miles northeast of us. It had skipped over our house.

That was also the night when I stopped calling severe weather destruction "acts of God." I believe the act of God was NOT the death and destruction. I believe the act of God WAS His safe-keeping of those of us who escaped injury or loss. Severe weather is a part of living in a fallen world thanks to Adam and Eve.

Excellent blog, my sister. :pray: Ron

Beth M @blest ·

"As a child of God, we must always remember that the storms of this life will not last forever. There is coming a time when we shall never have to endure them again and we will rejoice in the presence of the SON forever!"

Amen, Sister! Amen! Great blog! :heart: blessings, blest

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