All I Am Is Yours

We attended the Good Friday service at our church this evening. It was nice having a combined service as some of the people we know from small groups don't go to the same service we usually attend. This was an added bonus tonight :)

It was a beautiful service with a prayer time at the end. One of the songs we sang was "The Stand". As we sang it, I just could not stop crying. Although I had "beautiful" hair and a "fixed face" on the outside, I thought about what I looked like underneath it all It's not a pretty sight If you could really see me you would see a shaved, rather sensitive head which I have to hang off the edge of the pillow because it hurts, racoon-eyes, flaking, blotchy skin, a crusted-nose which keeps threatening to break out in sores, a banged up sore spot on my knee that is taking it's time healing, aching bones, etc. You get the idea.

Although we may look perfect on the outside, God looks beyond that and sees the real us. He doesn't turn away from us in disgust. He doesn't send us away and tell us to come back when our hair has grown back, our nails aren't brittle and our stomach is cooperating. Instead he says, "Come."

Knowing everything about us, knowing all of the "dirty laundry" we'd accumulate, knowing the times we'd fall down in the mud and wallow with the pigs, He still wants us so much that he sacrificed himself He wants us because for some incomprehensible reason he loves us :heart: The thing God desires most is to have us say with our heart "All I am is yours!"

May we never take God's love lightly and may we all be able to truly say to him, "All I am is yours!"

Samantha Shemer @youaregolden ·

Wonderful blog! I am so glad we ahve a Savior who looks at the heart, not the outward appereance and even when we aren't beautiful in any sense of the word, He still wants us.
I'm praying for you sister!:princess:
-Golden :flower:

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