All That I Have Is Yours: A Closer Look At A Boy, Five Loaves and Two Fish

Earlier today as I read a blog called The Heart of God of the Word of God by Blessings2you, I was reminded that no matter how many times you read a passage, it is always possible to come away with something more. By this I mean that God's Word is richer and more complex than we can ever imagine. You may sit down and read a passage one day and receive exactly what you need. Ten years from now, you may read that familiar scripture and discover something fresh and new which is exactly what you need at this particular moment in time. To me that serves as a reminder that the Bible is more than words on a page... it is the Word of God.

After reading that blog, I was reminded of a blog which I wrote nearly three years ago. Rather than climb up and dig through dusty boxes in the CB attic, I've decided to take another look at the Bible story upon which it was based. It is a story that many of us may have heard in Sunday School as children, a story of a boy, five loaves and two fish.

The boy eagerly made his way through the crowd. He was going to see Jesus! He clutched a small parcel of food. The Bible does not tell us if his mother packed it for him or if he had prepared the food himself. We only know that he was the only one in the crowd of 5,000 men plus women and children who brought provisions.

Ordinary, the boy would have devour his meal sometime ago. Food disappears rather quickly when it is within easy reach of an active growing boy. However, this boy had apparently been too busy devouring the Bread of Life to think about eating his five loaves and two fish.

Jesus' disciples started to move through the crowd. The boy strained his ears to hear. Did anyone have any food? Jesus wanted some food. The crowd grew quiet as people looked at their neighbors. No. No one had brought any food.

As the boy felt his parcel, he could hear his stomach starting to rumble. Mealtime. He'd been so interested in what Jesus was saying that he hadn't eaten his lunch. He had food but... if he gave it to Jesus, there would be none left for him.

He needed that food! He was a growing boy! Besides, it belonged to him. Those other people, well... they should have been prepared. This was a big crowd. Maybe he wasn't hearing right. Maybe someone over there had food they could share with Jesus. Yeah. That's right... surely someone else had something far better than five loaves and two fish.

Something tugged at his heart. This was Jesus needing food. Jesus. He had taught him so many wonderful things today. How the boy loved Jesus' stories. Why, He wasn't like those religious teachers who made him feel like God thought of little boys as pests. No... Jesus made it seem like God really loved little boys... even little boys like him.

The boy made a decision. If Jesus wanted his food... then Jesus could have it. He took a deep breath and made his way toward the disciples. One of them looked at him in a way which made the boy afraid he would be shooed off. Then he caught a glimpse of Andrew. He looked at the boy puzzled but yet his eyes seemed kind. The boy approached him and handed Andrew his parcel.

I wonder what Andrew was thinking as he looked at the little gift the boy had offered. Perhaps he thought it was insignificant but he didn't wave the boy away. Instead, he took the small gift of food the boy had offered and gave it to Jesus.

It was nothing... it really wasn't. It was barely enough to feed one small boy let alone a crowd of 5,000 men plus women and children. Yet, Jesus didn't think so. He took that poor, seemingly insignificant gift and lifted it up to God. He gave thanks to God for the gift of bread and fish. Then he took it and blessed it, broke it and had it distributed.

Five thousand men, plus women and children were filled to capacity that day. There were 12 baskets of left overs as well. The hungry were fed that day, all because a little boy did not say, "I don't have enough to feed the people so I will give nothing." Instead he said, "All that I have is yours."
May we do the same.


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