Always Stick With Your Buddy

During the month of September, the second grade classrooms at my school focus on the theme of "friendship". Learning to get along with others is an important skill to learn in life... especially if you're in a classroom in a school built 80 years ago and is very crowded when 27 children are in the room.

Today, we read a story which always warms my heart. The book is called "Officer Buckle And Gloria" by Peggy Rathmann. In the story, Officer Buckle visits schools and shares safety tips. However, there is a problem. Officer Buckle is not the most exciting speaker and his audience is quickly bored.

One day, Officer Buckle gets a police dog named Gloria. He takes her to the school he is scheduled to speak at. Unbeknown to Officer Buckle, while he is sharing each safety tip with his audience, Gloria is acting them out. The crowd loves it! Officer Buckle is very excited by the response and takes Gloria to all of his speaking engagements. In fact, he takes her everywhere for she becomes his "buddy".

Officer Buckle becomes a very popular speaker. It is noticed that accidents at school have come to a screeching halt. The crowds Officer Buckle addresses become larger and larger. Then one night, something happens.

While watching the evening news, Officer Buckle sees video footage of himself speaking and discovers for the first time what Gloria had been doing during his lectures. He is embarrassed and hurt feeling like no one was interested in what he had to say, they were only interested in Gloria.

The next day, Officer Buckle refuses to go to the school he was scheduled to lecture at. So, Gloria goes alone. She gets up on stage and...just sits. Without Officer Buckle, she is lost.

After the long nap (everyone fell asleep watching Gloria do nothing), someone threw a banana peel on the floor and a terrible accident happened at the school! Officer Buckle hears about it and is horrified! He realizes that he needs Gloria and she needs him. They are a team!

He goes to the school and gives his lecture of 100 safety tips as Gloria acts them out. The crowd loves it. Then, Officer Buckle gives Safety Tip #101... always stick with your buddy!

During the course of our lives, we cross paths with many people. Sometimes though, we encounter people who are more than just acquaintances and even more than ordinary friends. They are our "buddies". These are the people who you love just because ... well... just because you love them and it is good to walk together on this road called life. You laugh together, cry together and just plain do life together as you do life with God.

Far too often we do not tell these people how much we love and appreciate them. So, stop and take a moment. Think of those special people in your life and let them know...

It is good to do life together with you as we do life with God!


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:heart: :heart: :heart: What a great story! & a very good blog! Blessings & shalom, Marjorie