Am I Listening?

All my life, I had been taught that my body was a "house" in which my soul or the "real" me was contained. It is the "vessel"; I am the contents so to speak. When I was rendered helpless when a brain aneurysm ruptured, I became much more aware of this than I ever had before. Over the next six days, the brief moments I remember seemed like they were happening to someone else and I was merely an observer. I "watched" and "heard" myself cry out as illness overcame my body but "I" wondered why on earth I was making such a fuss about things. "I" didn't feel ill at all. In fact, I felt perfectly fine so why on earth was I howling? It was a mystery to me. This experience has made me much more aware of the fact that while as long as I live I am connected to my body, it is not "me". This is true for all of us.

Behind the smiling and confident faces which we may see before us everyday, as well as the sad, angry and frightened faces, there are people. Often times they try to put up a good front. They often try to promote the idea that they have it all together but without God... they don't.

They don't fool God for a moment. While their mouth may say otherwise, God listens to them. He hears their pain, He hears their fears. He hears their desperate cry. Do you?

I have to ask myself the a very hard question. Do I want to hear them or do I want to carefully walk around them, noisily discussing other things so that I can drowned out the sound of their voice? Do I somehow think that if I don't "hear" them, I am justified for ignoring them? Do I think I can stand before God and say, "Well, I would have talked to them, I would have helped them if only they would have spoken up!"?

I have a strong suspicion that God's reply would be something like this. "They did... only you weren't listening."

Are you listening?


K :princess: