An Older Woman To Young Women...With All Of My Love!

After reading a blog by Shani called A Young Woman To An Older Woman I thought about all the precious young women I have met here who mean so much to me. This blog is dedicated to them and all the other young women at CB whom I have yet to meet.

Dear Precious Young Princesses of God,

Though I might seem very old to you, the past two and half years have caused me to age far beyond my 49 years. It wasn't enough to be sliced, diced, pickled and fried. I had to go and have an "explosion" inside my head as well. There are so many times when I feel like a broken, useless old woman.

Then, I "hear" the sound of your laughter. I "feel" your warm embraces and I forget about this broken, old body as you extend your hands and invite me to come and do life with you as you do life with God!

It is true that you need us older women but at the same time, we need you. Oh, how we need you! You remind us that even in the midst of all of our responsibilities we must take time to laugh, sing and dance. Your love for God, enthusiasm, energy, love of life and others is contagious! You remind us that although we may be tired and even sick, the girl on the inside... is still a :princess:!

Thank you for the reminder and thank you for letting me "run" with you!

Blessings and Love,

K :princess:

Shani Matthews @shanijane ·

K :princess:

Thanks! :heart:
thanks for the willingness to come along side and do life with me, as i with you. its a huge privilege and i wish everyone had the opportunity to meet and be so heavily impacted by someone such as yourself! Its a real blessing for me to be able to watch someone go through such turmoil and still come out fighting the good fight! You my friend, are an woman of God and AMAZING :princess:


Maria Abigail Guevarra @purifymyheart ·

Thank you!
Maraming Salamat!
Kamsa hamnida!
Xie xie!

Don't know what else to say... Just.. "Thank you" in different languages. :)
Even before I was part of CB Community, I have been fond of reading your blogs.. they've been used by GOD to encourage me in my walk w/ Him.

May the LORD continue to be glorified in your life!:dance:

Hugz* &:flower: Blessings,

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