An Open Thank You Note To Follow Up My Apology

Dear CB Friends,

I wish to thank those of you to my south and west for your generosity in sending relief my way. Minnesota is beginning to unthaw. Oops, I slipped into my native tongue for a moment and we are only supposed to use English on CB. Hopefully my providing a translation of the word unthaw will allow it's use to be permitted.

unthaw: (Minnesotan) To no longer be in a frozen state as in "I need to unthaw some hamburger."

As a result of your generosity I will do my best to leave the door on the north side of Minnesota open as well as the south this summer in hopes of you will get some cool and comfortable summer breezes. I promise I will leave the screens on so that our state bird, not the loon but the mosquito, does not escape and cause discomfort and destruction in your households.

I'd like to particularly thank Kbird for locating my electric blanket and taking the trouble to send it to me. I have been making good use of it.

I realize there is a limit to your generosity and would never presume to take advantage of you. However, I just wanted to let you know that we are very grateful for the week of relief you are sending us. As this will help us get through Valentine's Day, it will really aid us in getting us through until the High School Basketball Tournaments in March at which time we always get a blizzard. Those are short-lived however and I believe your generosity will help us make it through the rest of the winter.


K :princess:

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

Dear K, I am so pleased our prayers have brought forth fruit i.e. 'warmth'.:) Pleased the 'leckie' blanket arrived safely. I did wonder if it would be regarded as an enemy of the state by those forcing such cold weather upon you (one has to be so careful when writing declarations on packages).

If you are feeling in any way under the pressure of the blessings you have received I would encourage you to pass some on.:pray:

I may even suggest that Irish, Kgirl and I would be truly blessed by any contribution of cool, cold, wet, icy or frozen weather you could send to us. Our already tight budget has been stretched even further by the number of bars of soap that have been dropped into the river and never seen again. Well, actually, I think Irish saw an eel pick one up and swim off yesterday.

Of course, the primary reason for me asking you to contribute to the alteration in our weather pattern is the personal humiliation I have recently suffered. I believe you are aware that I have been having to swim in a river in order to wash (hence chasing the soap down the rapids). It is with great embarassmentthat I have to confirm that the man checking the river flow when I was down there a few days ago, was not there by accident. It has now been reported that the speed the water was flowing was definitely checked upon my entering the river. I was not aware until today however that the said gentleman was also measuring the depth and I have officially been notificed that the level went up considerably when I 'jumped' in.

May you always be blessed. :heart: kb

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I have been trying to shoo the cold weather your direction but it will take some time as we are a long ways away. I'm actually able to drive home from school in the daylight so things are starting to finally tip!

K :princess:

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

PLEASE be aware of some strange happenings going on even further north than MN.

It seems that Santa Clause got a little irked at something down south of the North Pole and sent up some type of heat signal to the Stratosphere above the North Pole. Whatever happened, intentional or not, the result is going to me a HORRIBLE month starting on Valentine's Day and continuing until St. Patrick's Day for almost all of the United States and Europe. We are talking MAJOR COLD and many blizzards, especially for the East Coast and the Mid Atlantic states.

Now I don't know if this whole refrigerator door thing is responsible or whether it is the river problems down under; but someone has really irked Santa who it turn is sending most of us in the Northern Hemisphere a month of REALLY bad late winter weather. The last time this happened, I believe it was 1969, they got ten feet of snow in one storm in Vermont and New Hampshire (that's over 200 inches for the math challenged).

I think everyone better learn the ancient Nordic appeasement chant and on Valentine's Day Eve, we all join together in hopes of stopping the frozen express coming our way. I hear it is straight from Siberia compliments of our friends in the Kremlin.

Seriously, all the above that was weather related is true and the weather people are REALLY freaked out about what might be coming for the USA and Europe over the next month or so. I just wanted to give anyone reading this a head's up.

Thank you for allowing us to have two 67 degree days in a row "K", that was very generous of you to do that.


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

All I can say is you would not have been able to run past me if I would have been driving one of those cars. My sins in regards to the accelerator have been revealed all day. That's what I get for trying to hide what I was doing yesterday. I better take it to heart the words "Your sins will find you out" before I get stopped for my first speeding ticket ever. I know that's hard to believe but it is true...really. I'm serious.

As for Kbird, she always makes me laugh which is very good medicine for the soul!

K :princess:

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Oops, I missed your comment B2Y...

Normally if we get past Valentine's Day up here, we no longer have to fear the weeks of unrelenting subzero weather. We just get two or three day bursts. However, people are keeping their eyes open on what can happen.

Blizzards in March are common up here. March is often our snowiest month. Last year snow didn't disappear from my yard until April. However, for the rest of you...

I am no fan of The Siberian Express which frequently races down into Minnesota and dips deep into the south. I am praying that it will not get too far if it does come.

K :princess:

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

Oh deer! Perhaps now is the time to confess . A while back Santa fell off of our Christmas Tree and our dog chewed him up good and proper:eek:Do you think Santa is still upset?:cry: