An Unexpected Blessing

In the fall of 2013, when my husband was unemployed, God miraculously provided the means for him to begin to work towards obtaining his Master of Divinity. This was something he wanted to do after obtaining his BA in Biblical Education in 1982 with a minor in Greek but the door remained shut for 31 years. Only God could have opened the door for it is not normal for people who have been unemployed for nine months to shove loan papers back at a college financial aid officer and say, "Thanks but no thanks. God will provide the funds to pay my tuition."

There was a time when we considered the granting of a loan to be the same as God's provision. We eventually got it through our thick heads that it is not. Better late than never, I suppose. While I will not say it is wrong to take out a loan or a mortgage, I will say that perhaps we are sometimes a bit too hasty and in the process we end up missing the opportunity to see God do something amazing.

For seven semesters, God has provided to the point that my husband could see the way clear for enrolling for the upcoming semester. In addition to being a full time graduate student and doing freelance work as well as working a full time job, he has maintained an A average. He finishes his current semester in mid-January and will then have four semesters remaining.

A few weeks ago, we realized that unless something changed, my husband would not be able to attend school next semester. He had been hurt this past summer while at work and while worker's compensation covered lost wages, he was unable to do some freelance work and we were going to be coming up short despite his best efforts. So, we prayed. Last week he received an unexpected gift that would help defray the costs but it simply was not enough so we prayed some more and waited to see what God would do.

This morning I was startled to hear my husband suddenly let out a scream. He yelled for me to come and read something on his computer. It took me a few moments to realize what I was reading as my husband was speechless.

Last spring, my husband had been awarded a scholarship for students working towards their M.Div. with an interest in doing hospital chaplain work. This letter was notifying my husband that an anonymous donor had contributed to that scholarship and the additional funds will be applied to student account on Monday. This in addition to the gift he received last week is enough to enable him to continue in the program next semester. Praise God! What a time we have had at our house this morning!

I am reminded once again that God will provide what we need, when we need it according to His purpose. It is easy for us to be tempted to try to "fix" things but we need to learn to step back, let go and watch God work. That is not easy to do but when you do so, you will see amazing things happen.


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Sarah Vm @godissogood ·

Praise God! :clap: Thank you for sharing this wonderful news :cry:

God bless,


Beth M @blest ·

How :cool: is our God!


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