It occurred to me that some people may not have Facebook accounts so I decided to share the text from the Christianblog facebook page here. This is a copy of the post from the sister of John Abela who owned and ran this website.

"To everyone participating on Christian Blog, this is to inform all that the website will no longer be maintained. My brother, John, has passed away earlier this month. I have just been able to access the site today. I greatly appreciate all your support. He enjoyed developing the site and making it available to anyone. I do not know how much longer the site will function. Please do not send any further donations or new subscription requests.
I will keep his Facebook active in hope that others may benefit from it.
Thank you to all,
Amy Abela"

Mark Northeast @marek ·

I know John Abela is in heaven now. Let us all go forward prepared to go anytime.

God put this URL in a good custodian's hands, giving Amy John's sister the wisdom to know where to entrust/sell the site.

Do not include honorifics.

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