Another Christmas Gift From God

Over the past year, as I went through treatment for breast cancer, one of the prayer requests I'd always make was that God would protect me from the negative side-effects of chemo. Now unfortunately, in the case of chemo, you really do want bad things to happen, otherwise it won't do you any good. It's sort of like getting a fever. It's good in that it kills the "invader" but if it gets too high for too long it will harm or even kill you! This is why we didn't pray against the effects of chemo. We wanted it to destroy cells...cancer cells.

Despite chemo kicking me around and knocking me down a lot and making me feel like I was a complete whimp, overall, I got to the other side of the chemo sea pretty much intact. My heart is functioning well, my nails didn't turn black and fall off, I kept at least some of my eyebrows and eyelashes and the neuropathy wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been. I get achy and tired faster but I'm also a year older so who knows.

Then, right before I finished radiation in August, I got the news. Chemo left me a little gift. Actually,chemo found it while it was trying to dismantle my DNA and the steroids were happy to help deliver it to me and was kind enough to open it up in advance. They claimed they were trying to give me a peace offering. I don't believe them for a moment! The gift was...diabetes. Oh, they tell me it was genetic and was inevitable but The Steroid Overnight Express Delivery Service got it to me 15 years faster. Sigh!

You would have thought that I would have been grateful in regards to all God brought me through. I was know us human beings, especially those of the female persuasion. We are never satisfied. Now any other king would look at a disgruntled princess and yell "Off with her head!":eek:. C-17°|F1°THE KING (note the large bold letters) sadly shakes his head but loves me anyway. When, oh when, will I learn to fully trust Him?

Gradually I came to understand that 15 years down the road this may not have been caught until diabetes had caused a great deal of mischief. Under the current circumstances, it was literally caught as soon as it developed and absolutely no damage had been done yet. This really is a good thing. Plus in order to treat it (aside from poking my finger twice a day) I have to regularly, watch what I eat and exercise. These are things I should be doing anyway but alas, I usually insist on doing only if I feel like it. Now I have to or I will end up blind, crippled or dead. It's as simple as that and since I don't want to be blind, crippled or dead I'm much more likely to do the things I ought to be doing in the first place. Maybe this is a good thing in some twisted way? Sigh...(again).

Now for the real gift...on August 20th, I had to have an A1c test which measures my blood sugar over the course of three months. Normal is 4.3-6.1. Mine was 6.9. As a diabetic, they want it to be below 7.0 so I wasn't put on any meds for the time being. On December 22, I had another A1c test. I'd lost 18 pounds and was taking pains to eat more regularly. I just got those results. This time the results were 6.2 so while I am still diabetic, my blood sugar levels in my hemoglobin have dropped dramatically and I am just slightly above what is considered normal. In other words, I am successfully managing the diabetes.

I praise God for this. While I've been trying to do the right things, I've known so many people who try to manage diabetes through diet and exercise alone and they have still had to go on meds. I know that God is bigger than cancer and I'm learning that He is also bigger than diabetes. It is good to know God is right there along side me on this path as well.

It has been quite a Christmas for me this year!

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