Are The Flowers Still Blooming?

I pay attention to the weather. That's not the least bit unusual in my part of the country. I live in the land of extremes and not being prepared can cause people to lose their lives. Every winter there are stories of people freezing to death, breaking through the ice and losing their lives, etc.

Over the past few weeks, a few of you have been assuring me that spring lies to the south of me. I've heard stories about buttercups, daffodils and robins and I've actually rejoiced because I know that eventually these things will reach me as well.

However, today, it is very hard to imagine that. It's -5 below in my neck of the woods right now. The wind is roaring and shaking my house a bit. I just checked and I'm "living under" a windchill advisory at the moment. The windchill is currently -28. I informed my husband of that before he left a few moments ago. He glared at me for a moment (wishing he'd never met me I presume as that would probably mean he would not be living in Minnesota right now), took some meds for his cold, told me he'd be coming home around noon and going back to bed and he hoped I would not catch his cold. He still :loves: me!

Are the flowers still blooming? Are the birds still singing? I have to believe they are. I have to believe they will eventually reach me. I have to believe that this winter will pass and -28 windchills along with the snow and ice will become a distant memory. I have to believe winter will not last forever. I have to believe in the promise of spring!

Believe it or not, the signs are around me. The other day I saw a bird carrying "nesting material". I heard the honk of Canadian geese. The days are getting longer and this "cold snap" isn't supposed to last for weeks or even days. I just took a look at the forecast and believe it or not, it will climb into the 30's again on Friday. Hooray!

Looking ahead I see 45 and sunny projected for Saturday with highs in the 40's for the first part of next week. That can change of course but I am hopeful it will not. I have faith that spring will come even though the winds are howling and my infamous snowbank in my front yard is still there. I'm guessing it will be there for at least another week if not two or more but it will not be there forever!

Though the winds and storms in this life may swirl around me, I must place my faith in God's promises...whether I see them being fulfilled at the moment or not!

K :princess:

Andrew Luckhaupt @luckyone ·

It is comin, girl. We "dropped" into the 40 today in southern Ohio.

Ill turn the fan your way.

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

K the robins have made it to Illinois and the poor things are gonna freeze! Our low tonight is 9 degrees with 20mi an hr winds :eek: our high today was 26 and the rest of the week is to be pretty much the same. But next week -ahhh yes next week they are saying the 40's all week! Spring is almost here!


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