Are We Called To Be Comfortable Or To Lay Down Our Lives?

I cannot speak for the rest of the world but here in the West, it seems that many have bought into the idea of "Comfortable Christianity". We thump our Bibles and quote scriptures about the blessings of God but completely ignore scriptures which challenge us to take up our cross and follow Christ or talk about the cost of following Jesus. We ignore the fact that when Jesus cried out "Not my will but thine!" it led to arrest, rejection, abandonment, torture and death before redemption came.

Do we realize the price that was paid that we might be saved? Do we understand that as the Gospel to spread across the world and down through the ages to us, there were men, women and even children who faced persecution and even death? How can we possibly ignore that or worse yet, have the audacity to suggest that people who truly follow Christ have a carefree life free from suffering, pain and hardship? What does this say about the people who have lost their jobs, homes, families, health and even freedom simply because they refused to deny Christ; refused to remain silent, refused to keep the Good News to themselves? It seems to me that we are pointing our fingers at the wrong people. :cry:

There will come a day in all of our lives when we will have to make a choice. We will have to choose between "Comfortable Christianity" and following Jesus wherever He leads... regardless of the cost.

If God allowed you to be stripped of everything, just like He did with Job, would you still want to follow Him or are you just following Him when it is "comfortable"?

May we faithfully follow Him... wherever He leads us... to the very end.


K :princess: