Back In The Saddle... I Mean Driver's Seat... Again!

Okay, I confess. I am a wanderer at heart. I blame it on my Viking ancestors. I cannot help myself. If there is a road, trail, or just a piece of earth, I have this need to move across it and see where I end up. I am the proverbial bear who goes over the mountain, lake, through the woods, down the road or wherever simply to see what I can see. Since it covers ground more quickly thus allowing me to see more, I love to climb in my car and just go. I usually do not have any particular destination in mind, I just want to go! I come by it rightfully. Trust me on this one. I don't have to look far to easily see it is in my blood.

I was admitted to the hospital on December 10, 2009 after suffering a stroke. I was released on December 22nd but when I arrived home, my car was gone. It was headed to Nebraska. Partially due to the bad weather and partially due to my known inability to resist the call of my car, we decided to let my son drive my car to Nebraska for the holidays rather than his own vehicle.

Sigh... the first few days were okay but then... I missed my car :(

Then last night, they came home. By "they" I mean my son and my car ;)
I pestered my husband to death about my driving my car today. He knew better than to fight it. He had some stipulations though. I had to pass his test before I could go out on the road and I could not go out alone. This is a prudent thing to do when someone has had... well... sort of an explosion in their brain
I briefly considered my options, decided I had none and agreed.

My husband pulled into the church parking lot which is just down the road. As he reached to open his door, it was suddenly yanked open by me. "A little eager, aren't we?" he said. :princess:

He put me through my paces, driving around cones, making sudden stops, abruptly telling me to turn and making me park a couple of times. Finally, he was satisfied. I could go out on the road. Hooray!

Yet, even in my excitement, I was realistic. I needed to be careful. I needed to be observant. I needed to discover what I could and could not do. While I could drive fine, the truth of the matter is my long distance vision is still a bit off. Oh, I can see the area around me just fine but I noticed down the road a bit things are a bit skewered.

Now I need to add here that until a few days ago I was on medication which distorted your vision. I have been assured this is a temporary side-effect and it has already improved immensely. However, I need to be aware at this time that this is a weakness and make the necessary adjustments. To deny this weakness and go full-steam ahead like before would be foolishness.

So, as much as I would like to venture off on my own, I will refrain from doing so at this time. I will drive a bit more every day with my husband or son at my side for another pair of eyes at this time is prudent. I will be patient and soon enough, it will come. I will be back in the saddle...I mean driver's seat again!


K :princess:

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

LOL! Your passion for your car is noted. I am assuming you were at least equally pleased to see your son?

I suspect that your husband are son are going to have to have extra supplies of chocolate truffles available to counteract the urge to run I mean drive!


Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

I have a picture of you driving around a car park and being evaluated by your husband, and the picture I have is very funny indeed.

What can I say but.. GO GIRL GO.


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