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As I write this, I am 1321 miles (2,126 km, Shani Matthews (@shanijane) ) from home. My husband and I got on a bus with 33 college students this past Friday evening and arrived in Connecticut yesterday evening. I'm tagging along with with this group of talented musicians on their spring tour in New England. Now to someone just reading this, such a thing may not be a big deal. However, those of you who know my history (and if you don't check out my bio) realize that for me, this is a rather amazing thing.

As we traveled through the night across nearly half of the United States, I got to thinking about the goodness and mercy of God. Just over a year ago, my family wondered if I'd ever be able to do something like this ever again. They even wondered if I'd survive another year. Take it from me, I've been scaring my family and friends a bit over the past three years. I'll try not to do that anymore, LOL!

Considering that I was on a bus for 24 hours, I weathered the trip quite nicely. I am taking a break this morning and skipping the morning concert but I feel rested and great. I just didn't want to push myself too hard and I will be going to their concert later later today.

Yesterday was my first time in Pennsylvania and I had never been to Connecticut before although from what I understand, I had ancestors who lived in those areas. I have also never been to Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. We will also be in NYC before heading back home next Friday evening. It will be a whirlwind tour!

Yes, this world has countless problems but yet, it is a beautiful world. God made a beautiful world for us to explore and how I love to do so! I am so grateful that God has allowed me to get "back out on the road" and I am certain that someday, when I get to Heaven... I will get to spend an eternity exploring God's creation.


K :princess:

John B. Abela @abelajohnb ·

Have a great trip!! I have never been to New Hampshire and Massachusetts either. Been to most of the other ones back there.

Shani Matthews @shanijane ·

Lol! thanks for the conversion!

i do hope you have a wonderful trip!

Ps.sorry i left you last night.. my internet kicked the bucket for some reason


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