Be Prepared To Move

Today, as I was visiting with a friend, we were talking about a "fork in the road" she knows I am standing in front of. I am thankful that my friend and others are praying for me as I look to God wondering which path He is going to lead me on. No one ever said waiting was necessarily easy!

My friend asked me an interesting question. Was I prepared to move? I'm not talking about packing up my household goods and doing a physical move. It is a "life" move. I thought about that for a few moments. Was I prepared for either possibility or even a possibility which had not been brought to light yet? Should I be prepared? I mean, would my preparedness mean I was trying to run things?

I thought about that for a few moments. I remembered how God had told the Children of Israel to be prepared to leave Egypt. We are told to prepare for His coming. We may not know the day or the hour but we are to be prepared.

God has clearly indicated to me that a change is about to take place. Whether I go down a new path or remain on the same familiar one, it makes little difference. I need to prepare my heart and mind to follow Christ, wherever He leads. I need to have the attitude that my life is not my own, I belong to Him! I need to be constantly prepared to follow Jesus... wherever He goes!


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Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

An excellent little reminder that we need to be willing to do his bidding even if that bidding means a life change.

But whatever is ahead, with Christ at the helm you will not be lost in the storm.

Dee Harris @psalm55v22 ·

Being in a state of readiness really bothers the enemy! How wonderful when we feel GOD's nudging.
I enjoyed reading your post.

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

as i start a new year and before long hit the 'big 5-0" , the mid life crisis is true. but you know what? i'm not about to'panic like scotty on the old star trek series( besides cpt kirk fired him one time and then told him he had x amount of time to fix the problem. lol be blessed