Beams Of Light In The Storm

Today has been a great day. Some little beams of light are shining upon the storm waves I'm riding right now. I think it's exciting how God can cause positive things to come out of things that normally would be destructive. Today I learned about two positive things that have occurred since I was diagnosed with cancer.

  1. After learning that I did have cancer, I sent an email to member services at my HMO. I wanted a thank you note to be forwarded to the appointment line department. I'd set the appointment for the mammogram which revealed my cancer when the woman who set the appointment for a routine appointment brought my attention to the fact that I'd missed my last mammogram. I wanted to thank them for going the extra mile. It may have saved my life.

Today, my husband got a call from the communications department asking for permission to print my story in the annual report they send out to all staff and members in January. They thought it would be a great way to remind women to get their mammograms as well as encourage their employees to encourage women to do so.

I agreed. If my sharing experiences about my illness might prevent someone else from getting full-blown cancer or help them discover they have it and they get treatment; I will feel as if some good has come out of my experience.

  1. I learned that people at my school have been talking about me behind my back😉
    There are a few Christ-followers at my school but we are vastly outnumbered. Well, I found out today that people have been approaching some of my Christian colleagues and expressing their astonishment at the peace I seem to have. They want to know more about it. It seems sort of awkward to them to ask me about it (after all I'm a sick person) so they're seeking out those other people like me who really do talk about God. Of course, "those people" tell them right away about the source of my peace and joy. Who knows what will happen. It's one thing to talk about things. It's another for people to see those things in action. I pray that my life will be a light during this time... and forever.

*8/18/11--This blog is now part of a series entitled Walking With God In The Midst of Cancer.

Jeanne Rugg @naninthesun ·

Hi Kreynolds,

I'm sorry to hear about your cancer. My mom had stage 3 ovarian cancer, and she is actually a survivor for about 8 years now! God gave her a lot of peace during that time as well. I am encouraged to hear you are going to be able to use this hard time in your life as a testimony to what Christ can do. You are running the race with endurance.

Have they come up with a treatment plan for you yet?

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I have IDC which accounts for about 80% of breast cancer. It's a grade 3 tumor but has not been staged yet. I've met with one surgeon already and will be meeting with a plastic surgeon this week just in case....
Once that happens, my surgery will be scheduled and then I'll know more.

On a positive note, I had a lymph node that was looked at more closely during my MRI. While it still did appear to be pretty prominent, they're pretty sure it's clear. They can't be 100% sure until it actually is examined but it is believed to be okay.

Thank you for your inquiry and your words of encouragement!

Deepa N @deepaanne ·

nice blog. thanks.