Bless Someone Today!

While I was undergoing chemo, the wonderful sisters in one of my small groups brought meals to our home for the five days following treatments. They did this every two weeks from February until June. It was a tremendous blessing for us in more ways than one and we expressed our love and appreciation toward these dear sisters.

A woman who had brought me meals underwent surgery this week and was unable to do any lifting. She has been in a great deal of pain and her daughter came over to help care for her. We wanted to help them so seven of us volunteered to bring meals over the next week. Tonight was my turn. I was so excited. While I would have been willing to do this for anyone, the fact that I could be of service to one who had served me made it even more wonderful.

When I delivered the meal earlier this evening, her daughter met me with open arms. Although her mom was in a lot of pain and upstairs, the daughter told me her mom had really been looking forward to seeing me as we go to different church services and she had not seen me since I had finished chemo. We had a wonderful visit in which we encouraged each other. My friend had lamented not being able to go to church. Her daughter had downloaded the sermon onto her iPod so her mom could listen to it but she had wanted to see all of the brothers and sisters as well. "Isn't God wonderful?" she exclaimed as we concluded our visit. "God has been bringing the church to me!" Then, her daughter wanted to pray a blessing on me.

Perhaps one reason some people don't feel blessed is because they're not blessing anyone. A blessing doesn't have to be a big thing. You don't have to give a huge offering or spend a lot of time doing it. Those things are okay of course, provided they're done because you want to do them rather than to earn brownie points! If you do it for that reason, you are not truly blessing someone. A blessing can be as simple as a smile in the check-out lane, especially if everyone else is crabby. A blessing can be allowing a merging car to get into your lane during rush hour. A blessing can be lending your ear or shoulder to someone who needs it more than you do at the moment. A blessing is any single act of kindness which is done simply because you wish to do it.

A strange thing happens when we take time to bless others. We end up getting blessed in return. That's the way it's supposed to be. When we bless others we find ourselves looking for others to bless. In the meantime, those we blessed end up blessing us also and they feel the need to bless others. Wow! What a wonderful cycle to be caught in. Blessings are reciprocal and can keep on going and going. Most important of all, blessing others is a way to show God how much we love him because we are showing love to one another. As a result, God blesses us. You might not always see these blessings but you will always feel them! This makes us want to show God how much we love him so we look for ways to bless others. You get the idea.

So, have you blessed someone today? If not, ask God who needs to blessed by you today and then do it!

May we take time to be a blessing every day.

K :princess: