Bringing Joy To The Father's Heart

They were waiting at the door when I arrived at school early on Friday morning. I could see them waiting by the classroom door as I made my way down the hall. It was a father, son and the father's brother. The child waved wildly as he caught sight of me. He ran down the hall to greet me and walked back with me to the classroom.

The father didn't speak English. The brother spoke some English but looked very relieved when he learned an interpreter would be joining us in a few minutes. "I speak some English," he told me, "but this way I can be sure my brother will understand everything he needs to know."

I'm always very pleased when I see fathers at conferences. Far too many children have absentee fathers and it shows! This year I had a number of fathers attend conferences. In fact, I had three conferences where the father was the only parent who came. That was a first for me.

Carefully, I reviewed the son's progress with his father. I talked about what he needed to do in order to improve his reading in English. The boy's uncle promised to help. He wanted his nephew to do well in school. He would assist his brother in helping his son be successful in school.

I began to talk about the boy's work habits at school. They were excellent. I shared about how obedient the son was. I talked about how he was always respectful to both me in the other children. I told the father how helpful his son always was. He is very well-liked by his peers. He always has a positive outlook. He loves school and he is very eager to learn. I have never heard this child complain about anything. He cheerfully goes about his work every day. He is very responsible and I can trust him and depend on him to do his best whether I'm with him or not.

The father seemed to grow taller as I gave this glowing report of his son. Now and then he glanced at his little son. The son was carefully watching his father. When I finished, the father turned and looked intently at his son. They sat for a moment looking into each others eyes. Then the father reached out gently and touched his son's hand. The boy's face glowed and he sat up very straight and tall in his chair. I fought back the tears as I watched this tender moment of a father silently communicating to his son that his behavior had brought great joy to his heart.

The father thanked me as he prepared to leave. They were heading off for Chicago this weekend, just the three of them. The car was packed and ready to go. I watched the three of them walk down the long hallway. The father proudly walked down the hall with his small son trotting beside him trying to match the steps of his father.

Our Heavenly Father dearly loves us all. That love is unconditional meaning it is not based on what we do. God loved us before we even knew him. He loves us regardless of the state we're in.

However, as his children, are we bringing joy to the Father's heart? Does he watch our actions and feel pride in knowing that we are trying to do our very best? Does he smile as he watches us pick ourselves up off the ground when we've fallen instead of just lying there wallowing in the mud? Is he pleased with the way we treat others? Do we bring him joy to his heart by cheerfully doing what he asks us to do?

I want to do a better job of making my Heavenly Father proud of me. I want to bring joy to His heart :heart:

K :princess:

Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

Now I've got tears in my eyes.

Oh, how I wish i always brought joy to my Father's heart.

thanks, k


Sarah Lidbury @sarahl ·

I loved that, thank you very much! I've been experiencing real revelation recently about how much God loves us; that this message is not 'balanced' almost by an opposite 'caution' if we don't please him; as I think I'd been led to believe for a long time.

However, reading this post made me realise how much I want to please him and bring joy to him - just because his love is so unconditional. This has given me a timely reminder of watching how I do treat other, at work especially, and act out my faith - not just as a witness but also in order to 'bring joy to his heart'


Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Good blog. Perhaps God does appreciate that we are good and faithful servants or perhaps shrewd managers or even faithful witnesses, but do I reflect the glory of his sonship and truly bring God joy when I call him Father? Thank you for the blog. It's something thoughtful to think this morning and throughout the day. May God bless you. Amen.


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