Bursting With Good News!

Dear CB Family,

For family is what a number of you have become to me over the years. Please know that my family and I have felt and appreciated your love and prayers so much over these past three years. Truly God has used you to bless me...even when the path has sometimes been very hard and dark.

Since completing breast cancer treatment in August 2008, I have been seeing my oncologist about every four months. I saw him today. As we were chatting about life after cancer treatment, we talked about as your body recovers from the physical side-effects of treatment the emotional and psychological effects come to the surface. You shove them aside to a certain degree during treatment because... well... because you are fighting for your life and primarily concentrating on that.

I confessed to my oncologist that December has become a hard time of the year for me. He told me that was understandable. He'd worry about me if it wasn't for he would fear that I was not dealing with trauma. I'm thinking right now that while we might be Christians we are also still human and it really is okay to admit that we're scared, hurt, angry, etc. I often think we do not do that often enough! We need to be more honest with ourselves, with others and with God.

Then my oncologist pulled up pictures of my brain. He zoomed in until I could see an odd little object. "That's your coil." he said. He sat back and looked at me intently for a few moments. "Do you really know how much of a miracle you are?" he asked. "When I think of what has happened to you over the past few years, it is amazing that you are sitting before me like you are. You're not only alive but you really do not have any side-effects to speak of. Yes, there is some neuropathy from the Taxol and some memory issues but no more than what anyone else your age faces. Remember that."

My oncologist put out his hand. I took it and stepped up onto the examination table. He was uncharacteristically silent as he poked and prodded, taking longer than usual with my neck and liver (breast cancer likes to head to your brain and liver). I held my breath a bit, wondering. The mammogram taken five months ago was normal but had his experienced hands detected an abnormality. When the exam was finished, I sat back down in the chair and he looked at me intently for a moment. Then he said, "I'll see you next May!" May? May? But that was six months from now! I gasped as he laughed.

"Yes, you're doing so well that I am moving you from four month visits to six month visits. While recurrence is always possible you have passed a major milestone at being nearly two and a half years past treatment with no recurrence."

As I enter the holiday season which over the past few years have been difficult for me healthwise, I am remembering that every day I live is a gift from God. Whether I die tonight or live upon this earth for another 50 years, He has given me LIFE! Physically and more importantly spiritually, it is all because of Jesus I'm alive. I am remembering that the VERY best is yet to be!


K :princess:

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Our God is good, all glory to His name. He has done it before and now He has done it for you , for your healing and this miracle. :clap::heart::clap::heart:

May the Lord continue to keep you and bless you in all the years ahead, that you will live in good health to see your children's children. :baby::baby::baby:

Thanks for sharing, Sister K.

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

Praise God for his many blessings! I'm chuffed ta bits for ya!:dance:


Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

This is fantastic news. We have a saying here for someone who is on the right path and it is " Keep 'er lit". Your health is certainly on the right path so in love and with thanksgiving for your very presence I say.. "K keep 'er lit"


Erin Cochran @throughfaith ·

Glad to hear you are doing so well. It has been quite a journey.


Tl Sia @doulos ·

:clap::dance: Yea!!! Praise The Lord! I'm celebrating with you k:princess:!

What an amazing testimony... God is good indeed!

Blessed by you,


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