But Do You Trust Him?

I want to start out this blog by saying that I absolutely believe in the power of prayer. I have seen miraculous healings, not of some stranger on television but of people I have known and loved for years. I saw God move when my own son was born and the doctor who had told me to be prepared for the worst ended up delivering him and he snapped at me saying that he was wrong this time!

Two years ago, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer which generally comes back within two years. On January 30th I will celebrate my second cancerversary and as of this writing, tests have indicated the cancer hasn't returned. Praise God! This past December, I had a brain aneurysm burst and suffered a stroke. I later learned that 1/3 of the people who experience what I did do not make it to the hospital alive. Another third are unable to return home. Of the people who do return home, most experience some permanent damage and require physical therapy.
My physical therapy is to resume normal activity as I feel up to it and I am slated to return to work the end of January. Brain scans have indicated no damage whatsoever and once the "clean-up" is complete, I should be as good as new. Praise God!

Yet, as I write this, a young wife and mother who goes to my church is on a ventilator after a three year battle with cancer. They have summoned the family. Does this mean I have faith and she didn't? Oh, my friend managed to touch so many lives over these past three years. How she loves God and has trusted Him no matter what! I can say the same for her husband. Even in his grief, he is clinging tightly to God.

We want to wave a magic wand and poof! All of our troubles and trials will be gone. Isn't that why we became a Christian? I can't speak for anyone else but that is NOT why I chose to follow Christ. I came to him as a child. I heard of His great love for me. I heard about how He gave His life for me even though I didn't deserve it and when He called my name... I came running.

When Jesus came into this world, He experienced sorrow and suffering, just like the world around Him did. If we follow after Him should we expect anything less? We are often more than willing to follow Christ if the path pleases us but do you trust Him enough to be willing to follow Him if He leads us down a dark path even unto death?

May we be willing to follow Him wherever He leads us!


K :princess:

Billy Beard @billyb ·

Amen, nuff said

Dorothy Von Lehe @revgenlink ·

My heart rejoices yet feels a little sad.

Rejoice-It is so good to hear some details about your recovery experiences. I am so happy you are recuperating quickly and doing well overall. Thank you Jesus!

Little sad-Unless I am misunderstanding what you are expressing, I do not believe that God is the one who LEADS someone down a path into sickness, disease, and infirmities. I certainly do believe Jesus is always there with us to sustain and carry each of God's children through even their darkest times.

I, too, am willing to follow Jesus no matter where He leads me.

May God's blessings flow in you and your family's lives! You are a true blessing to many here of CB. With love, revgenlink

Anita Sorensen @2gvhmpraz ·

Such words of inspiration from someone 'going through'. We all know Psalm 23. However, if we could all grasp, like you've demonstrated in your blog, the full content of the last line in verse 6 - "And I will dwell in the house of the LORD Forever." As believers, even though goodness and mercy follow us all the days of our lives; it's the promise of our loving Father that we as His children will dwell with Him FOREVER that we can truly rely on!! So lead on Jesus!


Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

Sixteen months ago when I had the brain tumour I met up with a friend at the hospital. She had just had surgery for a brain tumour too. At that point our lives changed as she went to be with the Lord last year and I am still here. One thing I have learned is that I have to have absolute faith in God's perfect will for my life. My assurance is in his saving grace and his presence always. I cannot lose and neither can you. Hallelujah!


Eileen Algaze @ladyvogue ·

I will join you in following Christ wheresoever he may lead me to... :D Thanks for sharing your testimony and your faith in our Lord! :D

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

The young wife and mother I spoke about in this blog stepped from this world yesterday afternoon. The last message her husband had posted on her Caring Bridge site reminded me that even in sickness and in grief, God has us!


K :princess:

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

K, I am so sorry to hear that this wife and mother has left this earth. . But what joy and wonders must have met her as she set her foot into Glory. My prayer for her husband and family is that they will hold tightly to the hand of the one who can see them through.
And he does see us through, he has proved that, even when our faith is weak, he is strong.

But you posed the question.. Do i trust Him?

when I stepped into the car on Tuesday to meet my hubby at hospital, I stilled my heart for a moment, spoke directly to God and said... " Whatever today holds Lord, Im leaning on you".
I trust him with my physical, because I have entrusted HIM with my soul.

Ronald Globe @sittingbesidethewords ·

There's no other one that we can trust, but the one that is, the only true God. The trust in Him that you have will only make you that much stronger, and sharing this to help others. My father died of cancer almost 2 years ago, the word cancer doesn't scare me, and by that I mean, the pain of it is so real, but what is so confusing is what the world tells us all, that everything we eat and breathe will give us cancer. So for all that, does it give me a reason more, when I wake, I give thank's to Him, when I prepare to eat, I give thank's to Him. When I remember of any illness, His word is the only food I need. God bless you K.