But I Can See You...

Sometimes when I read a blog, it will trigger a memory of something that happened in my own life. That is exactly what happened today when I read a blog by Les Braswell (@doneuntotheleast) entitled " If You Cannot See Or Hear What Do You Do? ".

I am one of those people who rarely recalls their dreams. I am also not someone who is given to having visions. However, there have been a couple of times when I have experienced something that seems to burn in my mind and in my heart and I believe it is because God is illustrating something He wants me to know and never forget.

It was perhaps about 18 months to two years before I got cancer. Perhaps it was a bit longer but that is not important. As I lay down for the night, thinking about the events of the day and what I needed to do tomorrow, I suddenly seemed to hear the sound of waves and felt like I was moving on the water. Within moments, the waves became more violent and I could not see the faintest glimmer of light. My hands tightly gripped the little boat or raft that I seemed to be on and I struggled to fight down my fear. Where was I? No one knew I was here. What was I going to do? I pressed my body down and hung on desperately.

Suddenly I remembered that I was not alone. Though I didn't know where I was or what was happening to me, God did. I would cry out to Him and He would rescue me! Before I could do so though, I realized that I was not alone out there. I heard a voice calling to me and knew it was Jesus. He was calling me to let go, abandon my little boat and walk on the water to Him. I trusted Him and started to do so but then I stopped. Where was He?

I peered through the darkness, straining my eyes but all I could hear was the scream of the wind, the crashing of the waves and now, the rumble of thunder. The noises grew louder and more violent. Flashes of lightening ripped the sky and my heart stood still in fear as I gazed at monstrous waves. Jesus was out there. I was certain of it but where was He?

In desperation I cried out, "I want to come to you but I can't see you!"

"But I can see you." came the reply.

I let go of the boat and began to walk on the water. I couldn't see Jesus but He could see me and that was enough.


When I was going through cancer treatment, I would often stare at a print hanging in my room entitled "Perseverance" by Thomas Kinkade. While the artist intended to portray an image of a boat coming out of a storm, strangely enough, even though it is facing the sun, I always feel like it is going into the storm. Lying in bed, dealing with the side-effects of dose-dense chemotherapy, I would look up at that picture, fix my eyes on the little boat and remember that regardless of what storms I sailed into, Jesus was out there in the storm as well. I might not be able to always see Him but that really wasn't important. He could see me and He can see you. Never forget it.

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Image Courtesy of Victor Habbick at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Les Braswell @doneuntotheleast ·

Thanks K. I am beginning to 'see and hear' again. Only because God has never taken his eye off of me. In Him, Les

Beth M @blest ·

"But I can see you."
Just typing those words made me cry. ..remembering last fall, when He could see me. .. and He could see Kirk, even though Kirk could not see Him while he was in a coma.
Thank God He can always see us!
Blessings, blest

Beth M @blest ·

Amen! Amen, amen!