But I Feel Fine!

We are all familiar with that sudden awareness that all is not well within our body. Usually the malady is accompanied by symptoms which often are a result of the body attempting to to eradicate the disease. Our stomach may get upset trying to dispel whatever ails us. We run a fever in an attempt burn-out the invaders. Our heads pound as blood vessels open up more in response to the alert and often muscles will complain as resources are diverted elsewhere or swelling occurs in areas where it normally does not. We sniffle, cough and uh... some of us are even prone to barking, as we try to dispel the congestion in our respiratory system. There is no doubt in our minds or the minds of everyone around us that we are sick. We not only feel sick, we look sick!

The irony of it all is that often times a person may have a deadly disease at work within them and they are completely unaware of it. I know all about that. Despite regular check-ups and regular mammograms, my tumor was not detected until it had probably been there for a few years. I've been told it may have been there for as long as six years. Why wasn't it detected earlier? Because it was hidden by dense tissue. When through the aging process the density of that tissue began to diminished, it revealed what was beneath it... a malignant spiculating mass that would eventually kill me if it was not cut out.

After completing cancer treatment, I was stunned to learn that all was not well. I was on the road to recovery, so I thought but I was wrong. Another serious and deadly disease emerged. Diabetes. But... I felt fine. I am very thankful that unlike most people, my diabetes was detected immediately. Throughout cancer treatment, I was closely monitored and had lab work done several times a month. While in chemo, I was not even exhibiting signs of pre-diabetes but by the time radiation was completed, nine months after my initial diagnosis, my labs revealed that I was now a diabetic. It may have been months or perhaps even years before I would have learned that I was diabetic for you see... I felt and looked fine. Well... as fine as one can look and feel after just completing chemo and radiation, LOL!

We now know that I was probably born with a congenital defect in my brain. I had a cerebral aneurysm and no one knew it. Why? Because there were no symptoms. For 18 months prior to it rupturing, I'd had more medical tests and scans than I'd ever had done in my life. I was being treated for cancer and so of course, they were paying very close attention to me except... they weren't looking for a cerebral aneurysm. They were looking for cancer.

When I say it ruptured without any warning, I mean exactly that. There were no were no feelings of discomfort, illness, pain or anything like that. I felt fine not knowing that for 50 years, I was walking around with a time bomb in my brain. Without warning at all, it burst in the night shortly after I feel asleep one evening. Now, I have a neurosurgeon, a neurologist and a neuropsychologist. They keep an eye on me.

Spiritually, we may look and feel "fine" when we are not. Looks and feelings can be deceitful but the Holy Spirit never is. We must dare to submit ourselves to the very thorough, complete and accurate examination of the Holy Spirit. Then we must cast aside what we think and feel and listen to Him. After all, He is the specialist, not us.

When He finds something deadly lurking within us, we must submit ourselves to Him so that the "treatment" can be applied. Is that treatment sometimes painful and uncomfortable? Yes. Does that treatment sometimes leave us a bit scarred? Yes, it can. Is that treatment always pleasant and easy? No it is not but if we submit ourselves to it and apply it to our lives, it is always successful!
He always has the remedy we need. Will we allow Him to administer it or will we shove Him away and reject it?


K :princess: