But I Only Have...

Everywhere Jesus went, a crowd followed him. He crossed the Sea of Galilee. They followed him across. He climbed a hill with his disciples and the crowd came looking for him. Everywhere Jesus went, people followed, lots of people. The Bible tells us in John 6:10 that the men alone numbered 5,000. When you consider that there were women and children in the crowd as well... it was a large crowd.

Jesus asked Philip where they should they buy bread for the people to eat. Philip declares that even eight months wages wouldn't be able to give this crowd even a mouthful. Philip who had witnessed miracle after miracle only had eyes for the problem even as he was standing right next to the solution, Jesus.

I absolutely love what Andrew does. Andrew takes a small step of faith. Now you might be thinking, "Where, where?". Andrew is looking out at the same crowd. He also wonders how they can possibly feed all these people but even as he is wondering, he brings this boy to Jesus. The only person in the crowd apparently, who came prepared. He'd brought some food with him. Andrew is being realistic. He sees the problem. He does not know how five loaves and two fish are going to help solve the problem but rather than simply saying, "This isn't enough so why bother?", Andrew brings the boy to Jesus.

Even as he brings the boy to Jesus, the question is on his lips. "Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish, but how far will they go among so many?" (Matthew 6:9 NLT). To bring the boy to Jesus, even when he couldn't see what difference it would make was a step of faith. That bears repeating for I want to make sure everyone understands this. To bring the boy to Jesus, even when he couldn't see what difference it would make was a step of faith. God doesn't require us to have a mountain of faith. He only requires us to have a mustard seed of faith. In other words, the faintest glimmer of faith is... faith.

Andrew certainly could not see how this would help matters any. It was just a mouthful. What difference could it possibly make. Still... he brought this little bit before Jesus. Oh, I love what happens next! The little "dab" was placed in Jesus' hands and blessed by Him. In His hands it multiplied! Everyone was filled and there were 12 baskets of leftovers. Everyone was filled to overflowing! :dance:

Oh, if we could just remember this in our day to day lives. Many times God places it upon our hearts to give but we look at our situations and simply say "I can't." Perhaps, it is just wishful thinking on our part and we can't give. However, I would like to challenge all of us to do something before we say, "I can't." I'd like to challenge us to take what we have and lift it up to Jesus. Lift it up to Him and say, "All that I have is yours. It is not much but it is yours. Take it, bless it and multiply it for your honor and glory. Now. What would you like me to do with it?" I can guarantee that you will be amazed at what God does with it!


K :princess: