But I Was Just Zooming Along!

Long time members of CB know how much I am devoted to zooming out into the world. Actually, @Christineingram seems to be just as devoted to doing that as well. Hooray! A kindred spirit. :dance:

Anyway, if you want to know the truth, I have never, ever been stopped for speeding. My husband claims that's because no one can catch me but I beg to differ for I have been stopped a couple of times for other things like a burned out tail light. Oh and there was the corner I'd been making a left hand turn on for about 10 years on my way to work. During summer break they'd put up a sign saying that you could not make a left turn there between 7-9 a.m. They thoughtfully put it on the right hand side of the road as opposed to the divider on the left hand side. Oh, and to make sure you were not distracted by the new sign, they planted it near the next intersection behind a very large bush. The police officer attempted to assure me that this was very visible but when you see five police cars lined up just out of view with very angry drivers complaining about the same thing... well... eventually they put up two more signs.

While I have never been caught... er... stopped for speeding, I have been cited for it pretty regularly at CB I'm afraid. I remember getting stalled out here at CB in early 2009. A member was critically ill and their spouse and I were sending messages back and forth via the PM system so I could alert people to what was going on. We didn't have walls or anything like that at the time and this way, she only had to send one message and I could alert other people. There was a problem though... I reached my limit and got stalled out. I was able to post something in my status which she saw but yeah... I got busted for speeding at CB. John seemed rather amused when he heard about it and said something about me being a spammer, LOL! Hm... I wonder if he was serious.

Then there was the time I was really getting inspired to write about a topic. I uh... well... I uh sort of got a log jam. I'd reached my limit on blogs published within a 24 hour period and hadn't realized it. I wrote a fifth one and it got stuck. I waited until 24 hours after the first one but apparently it wasn't exactly 24 hours and now I had a second one in the queue. Oops! John had to rescue me once again and clean up the log jam. Sorry John...:(

I am always getting messages in chat that I am posting too fast. Sigh... sometimes I just simply touch one key and it tells me that. The chatroom likes to give me grief sometimes. Bad Chat! I would draw my sword about now but John says swords are not allowed on the main site. Sigh...

Last night, I was curious to see how many points I had accumulated since that new point system was implemented this week. I checked my points. Hmm... I was nearly out of purple just about to head into brown crayon territory. I commented on a few blogs, wall comments and that sort of thing.

I wondered if I crossed over into purple yet? I looked and oh no! I was stalled! Sigh... I remembered than that John said one can only accumulate so many points in one day. I checked this morning and nope, I'm still stopped. I will just have to be patient and wait.

There are times in our lives when we are just humming along. Everything is going smoothly, according to plan. Then without warning, we discover that we have been stopped in our tracks and we are stuck along side the road somewhere. I'm afraid that patience is not my favorite subject but it is one that I must master.

I made a comment about this on my wall and asked if anyone was up for a picnic next to "lake" I was stalled by. That was a jest of course but at the same time, it got me to thinking about the times I get stalled out in life. Do I get upset and angry? Do I complain about waiting? Yeah... I'm afraid I do more often than I'd care to admit.

If we truly believe that God directs our path, than we must learn to trust Him, even when we seem to be stopped along side the road rather than zooming smoothly along. God is not on my timetable nor are His ways my ways. I must learn to get off my timetable which is faulty and trust His which is perfect.

Sometimes God wants me to pull over and stop for a bit. There is a lesson that needs to be learned, something He wants me to see or perhaps, He simply wants to pull out the picnic basket and have me sit down beside Him and feast at His table and rest in Him.


K :princess:


Oh :princess: K I sit here in a house that has been without electric for 24 hours now. Seems we will be without power again tomorrow maybe even for 5 days :eek: . This has also happened on the hottest days that this area has seen maybe in over a decade. Needless to say my whining has been apparent. I am hot blooded and do not do well in the heat, seems I am stalled out. The local pool is closed because they to have no power (sigh) I will try to keep a good attitude, but please send some prayers I will need it.

Love and Blessings,


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

No electricity? :eek: Oh Christine...

I do not do well in the heat either. We are northern girls you know. Oh... I never thought about pools closing when there is no electricity. If you were here, well there is a lake just down the road, a few actually. I am praying that your electricity gets repaired quickly and also that rain comes soon! I see that a good portion of the country is under drought conditions. We're getting abnormally high temps as well but it is only 86F at the moment with some rain possible on Sunday evening. We were under flood watches for most of June so we are one of the few areas not dealing with drought. So many are though... and I am praying...


K :princess:

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