But I Was Only Sleeping For A Moment

Whew! Rebuilding white blood cells is exhausting work. Especially when you have some nasty little drug that feels like it is walking around your bone marrow carrying little whips trying to speed up production. Ouch! However, the enemy is lurking out there and there is no time to waste. Every second counts in the fight against infection and disease. Most of the time, we're oblivious but the fight is very real!

The pain can be so bad that it makes you ill which in turn slows down the rebuilding process which in turn can make you more ill and so and so on. In order to break this vicious cycle, a great deal of attention has been placed on trying to keep chemo patients from getting ill or becoming too ill. The healthier they remain, the sooner they will get out of chemo treatments.

Although, I faced some illness last time, we tried something a bit different this time which at least allowed me to function. This time, we were proactive in regards to the pain. I started pain treatment immediately following my chemo and 24 hours before my Neulasta shot (white blood cell building shot). In addition, I had to take drug called Lorazepam immediately. This has been the one and only nausea fighting drug that has ever worked in my entire life. I praise God for that and so do my friends and family who know about my "problem". There were some real concerns.

On the down side, I am really sleepy for the first few days following chemo. Like I said, rebuilding your immune system is hard work. Also, the same drug which keeps me from becoming ill can also make you very sleepy. It can also become habit-forming so you're only given small amounts and you have to follow the directions exactly to avoid problems. That's a good rule overall, follow the directions exactly!

On Saturday, the snow was melting. I was starting to see grass in my yard. All of the snow was off of my deck. The sun was shining. Then I started sleeping a lot. I'd sleep for a couple of hours and wake up for an hour or so. On Sunday morning, I went to church. Praise God! I even went out to eat with my son and his girlfriend. Praise God! I slept the rest of the afternoon and awakened in time to have some wonderful lasagna a friend brought. Praise God! I got to go to Chick Night at church and be hugged by friends and enjoy laughter and dessert. Praise God!

Then I began to sleep in earnest. Monday was pretty much a blur. I did get up for an hour or so at a time, putz around online a bit, have a couple of phone conversations, chat with my husband a bit, attempt to watch the news, etc. However, I really wasn't aware of what was going on outside my own little parameters.
I'd heard it was snowing but...

This morning I was in shock! My husband said, "I told you it snowed all day yesterday." Well, yeah, I did recall that but I wasn't fully aware of it. You see, I'd been sleeping. My eyes were open. I was talking and doing things but my mind wasn't fully alert. Not like it is now.

All of the tree branches are frosted white. There is several inches of snow on my car. The grass of last Saturday is now covered up again. The world has changed and I didn't realize it because...I was asleep.:sleepsleep: While sleep is important for the renewing and rejuvenation of the body, too much sleep actually causes harm. It dulls the mind and often causes headaches. It slows the body down and makes you feel like a sluggard. You're not alert. You're vulnerable. You just don't feel well.

God has not called us to sleep! Rather his Word tells us in and in Are you awake and going about the Father's business or are you asleep?:sleepsleep: I want to be awake!

K :princess:

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

My brother had 5 way heart bypass and valve replacement surgery last November. Every time they tried to wake him up he would flail around trying to pull the respirator tube out of his mouth. they ended up making him sleep for a week. Amazingly, when it was time for him to awake, he did with no problems. As you say, sleep can be both good and bad, but there are times when dealing with intense physical issues where sleep is the best way to allow the body to heal without distraction. I never really understood that until I saw it in my brother.
Praying you get better soon and the drowsiness wears off so you can enjoy life.
Bless you dear sister,

Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

There was a something circulating on the internet about "while the church was sleeping" and it pointed out that while the church was sleeping, prayer in schools was banned, abortion legalized, etc., etc.

Great analogy and illustration, K.

Rest and get better. You are prayed for.


Virginia Sills @happytoberestored ·

I also remember a time when Jesus asked His disciples to stay alert for Him -- and what did they do? :sleepsleep:

There have been times in my life when I could have told you point blank that I was completely awake, but couldn't have told you WORD ONE that had been said to me in a conversation that someone had with me. Awake means also being focused on the task at hand too. :doh:

[bible]1 Peter 5:8[/bible]

Alert! Aha! Now I get it!


Love ya,


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