But Is It Really Free?

One of the very cool things about CB is that it is a great site for Christians to blog, interact with one another, meet new people and if you are here long enough you may even develop some deep and lasting friendships. I've been at CB for nearly five years (July 2007) now and believe me, I got much more than what I bargained for.

I thought I was just coming to a site to blog. Instead I found a wonderful Christian community and forged some precious friendships with people I just would not have met otherwise. I found a place to write about my feelings and experiences when I was diagnosed with cancer and went through treatment December 2007-August 2008. Prayers from this community wrapped up in love covered me and my family in December 2009 when I suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm in my sleep. I believe those prayers played a part in my pulling through and being here today. Thank you, CB!

Another cool thing about CB is that it allows people to have free accounts. While it is true there are some restrictions as to how many blogs you may publish with a free account (25) as well as some other limitations, one can still comment, have discussions and pop into chat. If one wants to upgrade their account, one can do so by becoming a pledge partner for as little as $10.00 a month.

Most members at CB have free accounts but are they really free? It takes time and money to keep this website operational. Where does that come from? Well, some comes from advertising but when you are a Christian website, you can't just have any old ads on the website. This means CB must be more selective about ads which are permitted and the more selective you are, the less revenue is generated.

CB is mainly funded through pledge memberships and one-time donations. It is funded by members like you and me. In other words, a "free account" is not really "free". Someone paid so that you could continue to enjoy CB. They have gone above and beyond giving a $10.00 monthly donation because they love this site and they desire for others to be able to enjoy it as well. They are not rich people. They are ordinary people who face their own challenges and yes, some must trust in God in order to continue to support this site. However, the extra effort of these few people is not enough.

I have to tell you, it saddens me when I hear people complain about restrictions on free accounts. It saddens me when I hear that people feel that it is wrong for a Christian site to have paid memberships. They think no one should ever have to pay for anything "Christian". Funny... most churches will take offerings so that they have the money to pay for and maintain the building, purchase materials needed, pay the electric bill, the water bill, the heating bill and yes, even keep the bathroom stocked with necessities.

If you have a Bible in your home, chances are it was purchased. If not by you, then by someone else. Even the "free" Bibles cost someone something in order to have them printed. They did not just magically appear. A price was paid for them.

So if CB has blessed us, if we have utilized this website as a means to blog so that we could bless others why are we so reluctant to give? Even if we feel we cannot afford to be a pledge partner, we can at least consider making a one time donation once in awhile.
We think others should freely give to us but what about us freely giving once in awhile as well? That's just something to consider. Are we givers or are we just merely takers? I don't know about you but I do not ever want to merely be a recipient, I want to also be a giver.


K :princess:

Billy Beard @billyb ·

The site is a blessing to me. So I try and bless with my pledge partnership. It frustrates me that all the local people I know, I will mention coming here, and give them an invite to join in, but none do, far as I know. About 30 of them frequent and post on facebook, which is not anything at all comparable to here, for a christian who wants to share very much.

And, K :princess: , there is always what Jesus said, which proves true, "Where your heart is". Facebook is free, yes. And so are some other social sites. But I choose to support here, because it is a special place for the christian who wants to do a lot more than just socialize.

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

I have likened this site before to a school staff room. Somewhere we can go to get away from the frustrations of the world, a place where we are with like minded people who know our struggles, our pains and our needs. That is why I choose to support this site.


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