But It Looks So Nice Out!

At the moment, I am looking at a white covering of new snow and bright blue skies. Everything is very still. Looking out my window, you would never dream that there is a storm coming... but there is. The southern border of the winter storm warning area is less than 15 miles north of me and I am now under a winter weather advisory.

It will be awhile before the storm arrives between now and this evening, there will be sunny skies but that makes no difference. The storm is coming which is projected to drop a half a foot of snow or more depending on how long it lingers. If it gets stalled out, which often happens or if it shifts just a bit further south, I could be looking at some serious snowfall of eight inches or more.

Though I was not born yet, all of my life I have heard about The Armistice Day Blizzard of 1940 (if you're interested weather and history, you might want to take time to listen to the audio clip on that site).

God has warned us of the coming storm. Are we paying attention to His warnings, paying attention to the signs and warning others to do so as well?


K :princess: