But It Seems Good To Me

My 16 month old grandson loves to redecorate. Here he is in action at his house, carefully planning his next move. He not only loves to redecorate his own house, he loves to redecorate mine as well. Sometimes he will do it openly but at other times he likes to surprise me. Last night, for example, he decided that a kitchen-theme would be a nice touch in my office. This morning when I went in there I was surprised by a sculpture that closely resembled one of my kitchen plates.

At the moment, his specialty is rearranging things but he is eager to try his hand at drawing, painting and sculpting as well. He just has to learn that he does not have to taste the implements and materials before using them. 

He never seems to tire of "fixing things up" and the price is right as well. He will gladly do any job free of charge. No job is too big for him either. In fact, he gleefully attacks each challenge, the bigger the better but he also enjoys small jobs as well.

I love my grandson and I find myself chuckling at his attempts redecorate my house but do you know what? I don't want my house decorated in Neo-Toddler or Toddler Deco. While it seems good to my grandson, it does not seem good to me, except to laugh over. My grandson thinks the perfect look for my patio doors is to strategically pull down a vertical blind here and there or perhaps have no window covering at all! I on the other hand, despise vertical blinds altogether when they need to be opened and shut frequently. That's what happens with windows and doors therefore I think it is a horrible place to put them.

While removing window coverings altogether might solve the problem of having a blind come detached from time to time, it would create another problem that I do not want. There has to be a better solution and there is. The rod for my new curtains is arriving tomorrow and I will be getting rid of the blinds in my dining room which I have been complaining about for almost 11 years. Whew!

As children, we are full of ideas and hopefully we continue to have lots of them for the rest of our lives. The problem is, what seems good to us is not always good. Rather than seek God, we happily rearrange and attempt to "fix" things just like a toddler. Instead of solving the problem, we generally not only fail to do so, we manage to create a new problem(s) as well. 

While it may seem good to us, God knows better and He will teach us how to know better as well. We just need to listen.

Steve Hurt @steveh ·

But, the only way to know if the materials are right for the project is to taste them Grandma. I enjoyed this.
That listen word usually requires that do word. I'll start right after this coffee.

Beth M @blest ·

We just need to listen

Yep, that's the kicker.

Do not include honorifics.

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