But It's Not Suppose To Be Like This... Or Is It?

The dreamer... that was what his brothers called him. He was the favorite son of the wealthiest man around. Ignoring tradition, his father made it very clear that this son, the eldest son of his beloved Rachel (as opposed to his actual first-born son) was his beloved heir.

Not only was he favored by his father; he also appeared to be favored by God.
One night Joseph had a dream, and when he told his brothers about it, they hated him more than ever.

"Listen to this dream,"he said.

"We were out in the field, tying up bundles of grain. Suddenly my bundle stood up, and your bundles all gathered around and bowed low before mine!"

His brothers responded, "So you think you will be our king, do you? Do you actually think you will reign over us?" And they hated him all the more because of his dreams and the way he talked about them.
Genesis 37:5-8 (NLT)

It didn't stop there.

Soon Joseph had another dream, and again he told his brothers about it. "Listen, I have had another dream," he said. "The sun, moon, and eleven stars bowed low before me!"

This time he told the dream to his father as well as to his brothers, but his father scolded him. "What kind of dream is that?" he asked. "Will your mother and I and your brothers actually come and bow to the ground before you?"

But while his brothers were jealous of Joseph, his father wondered what the dreams meant.
Genesis 37:9-11 (NLT)

Those were some dreams, weren't they.

Do you have "dreams" God has given you? I am not necessarily talking about a dream you had when you are asleep. I am talking about things you feel God wants you to do, things you hope to accomplish for Him, goals you have set, etc.

Dreams and plans. We all have them but often times, the route we take in order for them to be accomplished looks like... well... a detour or even the wrong road altogether. We wonder, did we hear wrong? Perhaps we weren't following God after all or maybe God had changed His mind or maybe... sigh... He can't.

Don't get me wrong. Examination of ourselves before God is something we need to do regularly. It is easy for us to listen to ourselves or others rather than God. It is easy to race ahead of God, like the children we are. However, we also need to remember that God usually doesn't do things the way we would. There's a very good reason for that... He is not us. He is God!

Those dreams of Joseph's would eventually be fulfilled. He would eventually not only rule over his own family but he would also be second in command over an empire whose accomplishments are still marveled at today.

Yes, the dreams were fulfilled but look at the road he had to travel:

  1. He was sold into slavery by his own brothers. They told their father he was killed by wild animals.
  2. As a slave, he rose to a position of power in his master's household BUT...
  3. His master's wife attempted to seduce him!
  4. He did the godly thing and fled from her advances BUT...
  5. She lied to her husband about what happened and...
  6. He was thrown into prison.

All of these things had to happen in order for Joseph to be ready to move into the position God wanted him in. I suspect that this was also a period of learning for Joseph as well. I'm certain he had a bit of growing up to do as well as some soul-searching. He also needed to develop his own relationship with God.

I am certain there were times when Joseph wondered about his dreams. There were probably some times when he wondered if God had forsaken him. He probably wondered if he would ever see the light of day again, let alone his family.

Through all the ups and downs however, he remained faithful to God. He remained faithful and when the time was right, God did what He'd said He would do... His way and in His time. We can be confident that He will do the same for us.


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