But The Lord Is With You

Joseph had dreams, big dreams. They were dreams that came from God Himself but on the day that he met up with his brothers at Shechem, he found himself plunged into a nightmare. Only this wasn't a dream, it was reality. Betrayed by his own brothers, he was stripped of his princely robe and thrown into a pit. He was "rescued" from that pit by his brothers only to be sold into slavery in a foreign country. He went from being the most favored son of the richest and most powerful man of the region to a lowly slave. 

The Bible is silent as to what Joseph's thoughts and feelings were when he found himself in bondage. We can only speculate what they might have been based on what our reaction would have been had it been us. What we do know is what he did. He faithfully served his new master, Potipher and rose to the highest position in the household. What sort of reward did he get for his faithfulness? Prison. That's right, prison. He was thrown in prison for doing the right thing. He rejected the advances of his master's wife so she brought false charges against him. Did his master remember that Joseph had always been faithful and trustworthy? No.  

I don't know about you but at this point I would be a tad bit discouraged. Okay, I would be very discouraged and probably pretty angry at God. What happened to the dreams He had sent me? I had tried to make the best of the situation and what did I get for it? More trouble! Once again we don't know whether Joseph struggled with similar thoughts or not but we do find some critical information in Genesis 39:3,21. It says the Lord was with Joseph. This truth needs to be branded into our hearts and into our minds. As a child of God, the Lord is with you. He is not merely with you when you are living "the dream". He is also with you when you are living in "the nightmare". 

Joseph eventually emerged from the nightmare and saw his dreams fulfilled. In fact, he saw more than that. He saw the healing and restoration of his family. Sometimes "the nightmare" is only for a brief season. Sometimes it lasts a lifetime but we must remember that the Lord is still with us even in the pit, even in the prison. 



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Indeed He is, indeed he is.

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