But Will We Always See His Face?

I was listening to a popular contemporary Christian song a little bit ago. It is one which I've heard many times before and it is a song of great encouragement. As I listened to it today, however, a particular line struck me:
I just might bend but won't break as long as I can see your face
As I thought about that along with the rest of the lyrics, I believe I understand what the lyricist was trying to convey. I believe they were saying that we can endure all things if we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. This is true and yet at the same time, that line still bothered me. Why? Because I believe there are times when we will not be able to see His face. There will be times when it will seem as though God has abandoned us. We will cry out to Him, listen and hear nothing. We will desperately look for some sign, some indication that God has heard us and that He is doing something. We will peer through the dark storm, straining our eyes for a glimpse of Him and see... nothing.

We can't see His face! Is this the moment that we break? No! This is the very moment that you begin to truly walk by faith and not by sight. This is the very moment when you cry out, "I cannot see you! I cannot hear you! I cannot touch you or feel you in any way! It seems like there is nothing but darkness and turmoil all around me! I can only hear the enemy laughing at me and screaming in my ear that You have abandoned me but I WILL NOT turn back! I will follow you... no matter what!

Regardless of what we see or do not see, may we remain faithful and trust God... no matter what!


K :princess:

Elizabeth Fox @whobelieve ·

It's "funny" that you should post this today, K. My devotional reading was talking about being in the dark- in the dark as far as life circumstances, or being in the dark of not being able to see or feel God being right there with you.

You are right, there will be times when we just can't see God, for whatever reason. My devotional suggested that during times like this to make our entire attitude that of a listening one, waiting to hear from God.

I am reminded of a motivational poster I've seen around online. It said, "If you're wondering where God is during this time, just remember that the teacher is always quiet during a test."



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