But Will You Give?

You hear a lot about receiving in Christianity. So much so that sometimes... sometimes it seems like a sales pitch, doesn't it? If we confess our sins, if we repent, God will do this for us and He'll do that for us and oh, do you see that? You can have that too! What? You don't want it? Oh, you want the big one over to the left? Okay, well God can give that one to you. Come to think of it, you can have both of them if you so desire! Here, take a few more... on the house!

If that is not making you squirm a bit, it should. Somehow it doesn't sound quite right, does it? I don't know about you but that sort of leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Do you suppose it is because there is something wrong with this picture?

Christianity today is so obsessed with getting that we seem to have forgotten about giving. If we do happen to remember it, we throw some money in the plate to make that uncomfortable twinge feel better.

Let me ask you a question. Which one was Jesus more in doing, getting or giving?

Let me ask you another question. If we are to be like Jesus, what should we be more interested in doing? Getting or giving?


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