But You See, Everyone Else Is Wrong But Me!

Doesn't reading the title of this blog just make you want to retaliate back with some contradictory remark? No? Well, it sure makes me want to and unless I miss my guess, a statement (or an attitude) such as this makes most people immediately get on their guard and perhaps even draw out their "swords". When one makes such a statement :eek: they are just asking for an argument and should not be in the least bit surprised when it happens. We call it "iron sharpening iron" or "speaking the truth in love". No we're not! We're letting pride rear up it's ugly head and get the best of us and rather than the strengthen the Body of Christ, we beat up on it. Rather than draw the lost to Christ, we drive them away.

Today, I read these words:

When I speak, when I teach, when I write about God and His Word what is the attitude of my heart? Do I take on the attitude that I know it all and that everyone needs to be enlightened by me? Or, is my heart filled with the love of God, allowing the Holy Spirit to work through me?

Anyone who claims to know all the answers doesn t really know very much.

Those are rather sobering words, aren't they. I think I need to go in for regular attitude check-ups. How about you?


K :princess:

Valarie Quick @secondrider ·

Aaaaagh! I looked at this right away because it hit right between the eyes. As a prophet, I have to keep on my spiritual toes all the time not to respond the wrong way all the live long day! It's not that what I SEE isn't right, it's not that what God TEACHES me isn't right, it's not paying attention to HOW He wants me to handle it that's the problem. The old 'attitude' challenge. bleh! secondrider


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