But...Have I Told You Why I Love You?

Over the past few weeks, my pastor has been doing a sermon series on family. I think it is important to not only share with people how to come to Christ but we must also show them how to grow spiritually as well as emotionally and that includes strengthening and if necessary healing the relationships we have with others. When you think about it, we cannot have a healthy relationship with God if we have unhealthy relationships with others. Jesus made it quite clear that things like unforgiveness and bitterness toward otherswill stand between us and God and we need to make things right. Sometimes it is impossible to do this physically but we need to forgive and let go regardless.

One of the challenges this morning was to write down the things you love about someone... and tell them. Do not merely say, "I love you." Tell them why. I like that because it requires us to truly focus on what we love about someone and in turn, share those affirming things with them.

One of the things I have noticed about my daughter-in-law is that she does this. She will tell people why she loves them. It is not about what they do for her but the things about their personality that she loves. She has three childhood friends that she has remained close to whom I just recently met as they do not live in the area. Prior to my meeting them, she would preface all references with, "I can't wait for you to meet... You will just love her. She is so... " I could tell she truly loves these three friends and when I met them I discovered the feelings are mutual.

She doesn't just praise you to other people however. She also tells you to your face. She will suddenly say, "I just love that about you. You always... " When I have spent some time with her, I always come away feeling so uplifted and I am trying to learn from her example.

So, stop and take a moment from your busy life and write down some things about a person you love. Sometimes those closest to us are the people we tend to forget because we take them for granted. Then, after you have compiled your list, sit down with them face to face if possible or if distance is too much of an issue (like they live ahem... 8,000 miles away) send them a text or email orbetter yet, call them up and share your list with them. Be sure to give/send it to them so that when the enemy comes along with his lies,and he always will, they can point to that list and say, "I am loved."


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This was an enjoyable jolly good blog. thanks for I love your simple down to earth blogs.

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