Carrying On The Unfinished Work

My second grade class eyed the wall over the drinking fountain somewhat dubiously as they gazed at the tiles which were being attached above it.

They were going to do what?

They shook their heads in disbelief as I led them back to the classroom. They sat down on the carpet in front of me and were still shaking their heads. They couldn't do that. I assured them they could. No. Didn't I understand that they were just second graders? Second graders could not do something like that. I once again assured them they could. The tiles they saw had been done by the second grade classes last year.

No. They must have been "special" second graders, ones who had special gifts, special talent. That could not have been done by ordinary second graders. They were just ordinary second graders. I put up the slide show which showed the work in progress. I showed them that the previous work had been done by ordinary second graders, just like themselves. I talked about how the art teacher would be teaching them the skills they needed to begin work on the mural later this winter. She would be with them every step of the way and they would see that they too could do amazing things.

Excitement began to replace the doubt in their eyes. They weren't expected to do this tomorrow. They would be given the training and resources they needed to help them accomplish this task. They would have help from an expert. They wouldn't be left on their own.

Often times we look at the men and women of God who have gone before us and done great things. We tell ourselves we can never do the things they have done. They are extraordinary people and we are simply ordinary people. We fail to take into consideration that we serve an extraordinary God who delights in teaching ordinary people how to do extraordinary things! He does not expect us to be able to accomplish these things on our own. He knows our limitations! However, He delights in teaching us and giving us resources to do amazing things... if we just simply dare to trust Him and step out.


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Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

Of course our kids will do it!

Great analogy my friend. I take the point(s)