Change Before You Have To

Our current sermon series at church is called "Change Before You Have To." Today our pastor was telling us about how in preparation for this series, he got a physical check-up in order to assess changes he needed to make. We saw a video clip of him visiting his doctor, dentist, chiropractor, joining a health club, etc back in November. While doing this, our pastor who is 43 and appears to be the picture of good health was caught by surprise. His cholesterol was 250. He needed to make some changes in his life and he need to do it now. He took it seriously and despite the holidays he has lost 10 pounds.

I, on the other hand look like my cholesterol would be through the roof. I've been monitored quite a bit due to my size, chemo, etc. I'm always having to have it checked. The last check showed 176 for the "bad" cholesterol, over 54 for the "good" cholesterol (a woman needs to be over 50) and my HDL was 122. It needs to be under 130 if you're diabetic like me. My doctor always looks at me, shakes her head and says "It looks good." Before you say I still need to make changes anyway, I'll beat you to the punch. I have lost 20 pounds since September and losing weight after chemo is tough due to the amount of steroids we're given so praise God! My cancer survivor sisters are all jealous :-p
The point I'm trying to make is that just because you look or feel okay does not mean you are. Sin has a subtle way of creeping in the back door and taking up residence in your heart where it will do all kinds of mischief. Once it takes up residence, it begins to make itself at home. It sends roots deep into the soil of our hearts and the longer we allow it to grow the harder and more painful it will be to dig it out again.

The Holy Spirit cannot be fooled. He sees behind our masks and penetrates our hearts. His diagnosis is always correct and best of all, He always has the perfect treatment and cure. In fact, He's the only one who can perform and guarantee this sort of procedure successfully. This is why it is so important to present yourself before God daily for our routine daily spiritual physical. Once He gives us our results and a prescription if necessary, it is our responsibility to follow God's recommendations so that we will be spiritually healthy and strong. So, make sure you get your daily check-up. In fact, do it as often as you possibly can. You'll be glad you did!

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Elizabeth Fox @whobelieve ·

Of course, you said it just right. But, I am not too good at getting my daily checkup, and I am terrible about hearing the perscription, never mind following it! Lord help me...